Lincoln Assistant Police Chief On Administrative Leave Following Arrest

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

The Lincoln assistant police chief was arrested Saturday night (April 19) , according to the Lincoln Police Department.

Tony Lee, 37, was arrested on misdemeanor charges of assault on a family member and endangering the welfare of a minor, police said.

Lee got into an argument with his wife about their children playing baseball, according to court documents. During the argument, Lee’s wife threw a measuring tape his truck. Lee then charged at his wife, who ran into the home and locked the door, according to the report.

Lee forced himself into the home and grabbed his wife by the shoulders, causing her to fall to the floor, where he began yelling and screaming at her, the report states. Lee’s wife then went to her room and began packing. Lee grabbed his wife by the shoulders and placed her against a wall and began grabbing her face trying to talk to her, according to the report.

Lee’s wife was not seriously injured, police said. Police said Lee’s two children told them in an interview that they left when their parents got into an argument and ran to their grandparent’s home.

Lee was booked into the Washington County Detention Center at 1:30 a.m. Sunday, according to the Washington County Sheriff’s Department website. Lee was released on a $710 bond, the website shows. His next court date is scheduled on May 20 in Prairie Grove District Court.

Lincoln Police Chief Russell Morphis said Lee is on administrative leave.



  • bobreal

    Just because You are in LAW ENFORCEMENT doesn’t mean You don’t have to follow the Law.

    • Bob Gnarly

      That may be true but the penalties for members of law enforcement who commit crimes are greatly diminished when compared to the punishment administered to members of the general public.

      The two thugs (off duty cops) who got drunk and threatened patrons in a NW AR bar and were allowed to drive home afterward by their other members of the “brotherhood” are prime examples.

      And Lest We Forget:

      Joseph Erin Hamely’s murderer, Arkansas State Patrol Larry P. Norman received a partial jail sentence (less than 30 days) and was subsequently rewarded by the ASP with full retirement (otherwise known as “blood money”).

      Meanwhile, James Ahern’s murderer, Bella Vista officer Coleman “Duke” Brackney served 30 days with minimal fines and is now proud to be back “serving the public” ,as only he can, as police chief of Sulphur Springs.

  • txkreddog

    How biased do you have to be to believe the average citizen, if charged with the same offense, would be treated the same? Seems like most of the comments come from those who have a problem with law enforcement. Wonder why that is? Could it be they are the drunks, thieves, and thugs who attract police attention most often? As for Ahern, the community is better off without that drunk-driving, arrogant good for nothing.

  • larry

    Yup. The low-lifes of the community will always like it when law enforcement show their human side. He will get his punishment just like anyone else. Lets us remind everyone how the criminals walk among you bc everyone gets the same breaks when it comes to the courts. This guy may loose more than you know for being human.

    • Bob Gnarly

      So you believe that any pair of drunks could use guns to threaten a room full of people and would have an equal chance of being allowed to drive home afterward?

      And you believe that anyone may empty their gun into the back of an unarmed person and have an equal chance of being charged with ‘negligent homicide’?

      And, lastly, you believe that anyone would have an equal chance to kill and unarmed mentally impaired person who was lying on the ground and only serve a portion of a ‘negligent homicide sentence and then receive full retirement from their employer?

  • jessica

    Well I’ve lived in lincoln all my life therr nothung in this town an d a person can only take so much before they sbap ivr none tony lee russle brian greg gun all my lufe they good guys and everybody maakes mistake shit happens no matter who u are

  • Janie

    Every situation is different, whether law enforcment or not. I’m not quite sure how you can compare this situation to any of the above situations…HELLO??He didn’t shoot anyone, he didn’t wave his gun around, wasn’t driving around drunk. Maybe I’m a little bias b/c I’ve lived in Lincoln most of my life…I can honestly, whole heartedly,say that Mr Lee would’ve had to been provoked to do any type of misconduction, especially to his family. None of you know the whole story but it’s nice to see how our community can just jump to the worst case scenerio.

    • Martinez Phil

      You are right ,everyone makes mistakes. People lets be nice and not beat him up in these blogs. We really do not know what happened and he is a person too. I hope he and his family can have a better life. I agree we don’t need to be mean. God bless em. Thank you for remind us to have mercy the way God has mercy on us!

  • Tom

    Well just remember if the shoe was on your foot
    U would ne scum.
    Just because he is a cop does not give him the right to put hands
    On her. If u read her familys remarks he was choking her and not
    Grabbing her shoulders.

  • Ron

    The arrest was for assault not abuse! Need to know the whole story before posting negative comments. The news media makes things like this a big deal because it involves a police officer.

  • Tom

    Fair is Fair. So cry for him if u want. But he needs
    to loose his job and do 90i days like everybody
    else that does this gets.

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  • tina marie

    He crazy, she is pyscho time to spilt the sheets and call it quits at least for the kids sake!!! Lincolns finest up close and personal

  • Martinez Phil

    The only comments I see from people standing up for this ding bat cop are other cops! It is the Arkansas ,Hillbiilly Police brotherhood. Everyone that makes a comment about these jerks is not a criminal. As a matter of fact many such as myself are people that have been in the military and maybe even a police officer in the past. It is true that in Arkansas police get a better deal no matter what their crime is. They put special decals on the back of their cars and trucks (POV’s) to get out of being stopped. It’s a joke!!! Reno 911 baby lol

  • Sarah 1

    It is my belief police officers should be treated with more severe penalties as officers of law enforcement. They know better but aren’t doing better. In fact, law enforcement who break the law should never be working in the police field again. Their captain needs to remind them of this every single day they work.

    Bullies are everywhere but bullying your spouse or children is horrific. When you add assault, that is the end of the line for a person in law enforcement. Fired, no retirement, etc. Replace officers with new recruits and eventually a good department will result.

    Just like a garden, weed out the bad.

    Every single time I read the news or the online news I am appalled by crime in our local area.

  • Rick

    Phil Martinez I am Police officer and also in the military. If this was you and yur wife it would not make the news. Plea batgans are for everyone. I had my knee broke by a guy high on meth and all he got was 4 years but only searved 8 months. Do you think that was far or was a meth brotherhood system. I wont tell you how to do your job or how to act so please dont judge us either. We are human. If you dont like cops that is your choice but when your house gets robbed or you are in a accedent dont call us but if you do call us myself for several thousand of my fellow brthers and sister wearing a police/Sheriff uniforms will risk our life to safe yours.

  • MTW

    What happened to innocent until found guilty, some of your comments sound more like a lynch mob ready to hang someone before they know the real facts. Seems like the news left out the part where she has an arrest record for beating him up.

  • Ryan

    Yes she does have an arrest record. Everyone on here wants to put down the police officer before even knowing the real facts. He was arrested for suspicion of assault not for hitting, chocking, etc. People that live in this town and know Mr. Lee know the truth behind all this. Others who like to gossip on here do not.

  • Lincolnite

    I know Jennifer, and her sister, and they wouldn’t know the truth if it bit them in the butt! Attention loving, mean, vindictive, lying tramps! Mrs. Lee and Mr. Lee are divorced, because SHE was arrested for domestic battery against HIM! And jennifer was married to a meth addict child predator for years, so she’s probably not the best judge of character! If Mr. Lee had done HALF of what Jennifer stated, he’d be in jail on an attempted murder charge! Those girls aren’t worth the penicillin shot a man would need after sleeping with them!

    • Jennifer

      Lincolnite. .. hiding behind a bogus name shows just how confident you are in your statement. Your obvious out lashes toward me and my sister show the caliber of person you are. My statements made about what happened the night of the arrest are true! When a 11 yr old boy says he can’t get it out of his eyes!! Daddy is trying to KILL mommy! The same is said by his 8 yr old sister! I can assure you that those babies love Tony and the last thing they wanted to do was see him arrested. Yet, you see they FEARED for their mothers life! So what should they do worry about his reputation? You can say what ever lies you want about me on here. You see because I have nothing to be ashamed of. You are trying to deflect the attention toward my sister and I by saying how we are tramps. Please!!! We are not on trial here. If we were that is the last thing we would be guilty of! Speak of something you know about.

  • bob

    its funny you say people make mistakes!!!!! if this was your mom or your daughter would yo accept that this man choked her and slmmed her into walls all while there children were present???? there is no way this is ok for any REAL MAN!! it doesnt matter what happen its NEVER OK FOR A MAN TO BEAT A WOMEN!!!! it funny that the police department interagated this women for 5 hours before they made a arrest!! when is it ok for a police officer to theaton to KILL his wife. i no both of these people and i assure you what happen was not ok!!!!

  • bob

    by the way only one police officer would even take pics of the choke marks on her kneck!!! this department is a joke! if i were her i would get a lawyer and sue the department for the way they handled the initial investagation!!!

  • Patsy

    To all of you who are assuming without knowing the truth, I know the famy personally. I don’t care who you are, cop or not, a man should never put his hands on a woman for any reason. He should pay for what he did, just like any other regular citizen. None of you have to belive any of this but just remember the children who witnessed this will never forget. So the citizens of Lincoln, instead of looking down on Lisa in a situation u know nothing about, remember that your assistant chief of police Tony, isn’t so perfect behind closed doors.

    • MTW

      Here we go again you people don’t know what youre talking about. He didn’t hit her, choke or throw her thru a wall. He kicked the door open scared her she calls the police he goes to jail for a misdemeanor and is out 30 minutes and $75 dollars later. If he did half of what has been said, he would still be sitting in jail. Sorry folks there will be no hanging today.

  • Ray

    If you know this family so well then you must know how crazy Lisa is and how mentally unstable she has been for years. If you are not aware of this then it looks like you do not know her as well as you may have thought. I do agree that a man should never hit a woman and I know Mr. lee did not touch her. You need to get your facts straight sweetie.

  • Sara

    Mr. Bob – Are you a high school dropout? After reading your comment it sure looks like it. Let me just tell you for your further knowledge in the near future “kneck” is spelled neck and there are two different spellings and meanings of the word no. One being “know”.

  • Jennifer

    I have tried to refrain from responding but I can’t stand seeing LIES being printed on here. Especially, by people who have no clue what they are talking about. I am going to set the story straight ONE last time for all to see and then I am going to LET IT GO and LET GOD!
    First, Lisa did NOT call the police! My parents did. The kids ran over to their house first the little girl then the little boy. Screaming “Daddy is going to kill mommy!” HELP!”
    For some reason the media never reported that TONY said ” I’m
    GOING TO KILL YOU F’ N B***CH!!” as he is running toward her! (This was reported by Lisa,her son, and her daughter to the Sheriffs department the night of the arrest) Lisa runs into the house dead bolts the door and Tony bust through pushing her to the floor and proceeded to choke her. When the daughter runs in yelling for him to stop! The daughter runs to grandparents to get help. The son comes in the side door and sees Tony on top of Lisa. His hands on her telling her he is going to BREAK HER LEGS! He runs over to grandparents for help. Our dad walks over where he found Lisa hiding in the closet and Tony ranting and raging. Dad tried to get him to leave to calm down. Tony threatens my dad. Who by the way is not in the best health and can barely walk on his own. Tony tells him he could knock him out with one hit. He pushed my dad knocking his glasses off his face and breaking them. Sheriff department deputy shows up takes Lisa’s statement and pictures of Lisa’s neck arms and legs. Also taking statements from the kids,Tony, my mom and Dad.
    In closing, I will say that my gut feels he will get a slap on the wrist and he will come out smelling like a rose. People like him have a way convincing personality and are very likable. I am just thankful that my sister and her babies are safe and away from his hell!

  • Tim

    Oh the lies the Risley family will tell. Now we are saying that not only did he choke her but he threatened to break her legs too? What are you going to say next Jennifer? The story just keeps getting bigger and you keep adding more lies. I can’t wait to see what you are going to add next. Looks like you may be just as crazy as your sister and you love drama.

  • Tim

    Oh and one comment you made you said she had to lock herself in the closet but now she was just hiding in the closet. BS

  • MTW

    Poor pitiful Lisa, since when did she ever give up on a fight? She has abused Tony for years, she rants, raves, screams, kicks and hits all the time and has an arrest record for it. Too bad the shoe is on the other foot. Don’t try and say she has never done it in front if the kids.

  • Patsy

    You people are rediculous.. No one knows what happen except the people that were there. I don’t think the children have a reason to lie. They are having a lot of trouble with this whole situation. But no one would mention that on here cause All u people care about is bashing the Risley family and making Tony look like a freaking saint. That speaks volumes about u lincoln people.

  • Ray

    Oh Patsy
    Just like I said earlier, if you truly knew her then you would know how crazy she is. The only way you get along with those Risleys is if you are just like them or one of them.

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