Signs Go Up This Week For Official Name Change Of Interstate 540

Highway officials said signs would be going up starting the week of April 21st changing Instate 540 to Interstate 49.

The Arkansas Highway Department got approval by the Federal Government Wednesday (April 16) to rename the route from Interstate 40 near Alma, to the U.S. Highway 71B Interchange south of Bella Vista.

Some people in the River Valley were on board with the name change, “I think it will be good I think it’s eventually going to change over anyway so it kind of gets people use to the idea and stuff. I think it will be a good idea.”

Others believed it could cause problems for drivers, especially if it did not change over in the GPS systems quickly.

Highway administrators said I-49 in Arkansas would be apart of a larger project connecting Canada to the Gulf of Mexico through a single highway. They said before it could be finished the bridge over the Arkansas River connecting I-49 from Alma  to Barling needed to be complete.

Officials said they did not know when the bridge would be done because they did not have any money set aside for the project.



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