Former Fayetteville Officer Arrested In Domestic Battery Case

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

An IT specialist for the Washington County Prosecutor’s Office and former police officer was arrested Saturday night (April 19) after police say he drunkenly struck his fiancée in the face.

Jared Cypert was arrested on suspicion of third-degree domestic battery and third-degree assault on a family member. He was released Sunday morning (April 20) on $620 bond, according to the Washington County Sheriff’s Office.

The preliminary report on Cypert’s arrest states he is an employee at the Washington County Prosecutor’s Office. Cypert’s LinkedIn profile states he is a media/information technology specialist at the prosecutor’s office. He also spent more than three years as a deputy for the Sheriff’s Office and more than two years as an officer for the Fayetteville Police Department, his profile states.

Cypert’s fiancée told police he got drunk and struck her in the face following an argument in the early hours of Saturday morning, after which she developed a bruise on her left eye. He apologized for striking her, and the two went to bed, according to a preliminary arrest report.

Cypert’s fiancée said he has post-traumatic stress disorder and takes medication.

The couple later went to Springfest in Fayetteville together, but Cypert began acting aggressive again after the two went home, the alleged victim told police. She believed he was intoxicated, the preliminary report states.

The woman called police and told them she was afraid Cypert was going to hit her again, after which officers arrived on-scene and arrested the suspect after speaking with the couple, according to the report.


  • Bob

    So he currently works for the Prosecutors office, was a Washington County Deputy for three years and a Fayetteville PD Officer for two years……… While the headline is technically correct, why is 5 News singling our the Fayetteville PD? How many years has it been since he was even on their department?

  • Bob

    Oh really Williams, everyone that was arrested on domestic charges was plastered on 5news with a headline taking a cheap shot at a place that they haven’t worked at in several years? I must have missed all of the other ones.

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