Garrett’s Blog: Severe Weather Risk Increasing

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The Spring severe weather season has been off to a slow start with the safest start to tornado season in 100 years.

Thankfully, no fatalities have been reported and the overall risk from tornadoes has been confined to isolated areas or brief spinups.

The weather pattern over the weekend will take on a more classic spring pattern that favors severe weather and rotating thunderstorms as well as tornadoes.

This will especially be true in Oklahoma before the threat advances east into the weekend. Image 90

This image shows the jet stream winds with a large trough and low pressure developing east of the Rockies. The added shear from the upper level wind will enhance tornado potential in the afternoon and evening on both Saturday and Sunday.

On both days, the worst of the severe weather may be just to our immediate west, but any storms that develop along the dryline in Oklahoma will be capable of moving east into Arkansas late in the day on Saturday and Sunday.



  • jon

    Not sure why we would trust Garret Lewis anymore, last time a tornado was on the ground he wasn’t even on the air saying, and I quote “didn’t think it was a big deal”. He claims to have been on 5news other channel but I was watching both and he only came on after the storm had passed my area.

    • a volunteer

      looks like he’s giving a headsup of what may be expected over the next few days so use your own judgement and common sense. And never trust anyone with your life.

    • Kris

      I agree that it was a mistake not to have nonstop coverage from that last storm, but I am also ready to move on and get over it… I am positive with all the negative feedback from the last storms, that they will be on the air nonstop from now on. My only suggestion is that they work on the volume issues with the online streaming. It seems to be buggy, and I think they should test that out some before the upcoming storms. We primarily use our internet to watch from our safe area, and the audio seems to have been cutting on and off last go-around, and it wasn’t on our end.

  • Kim

    Well I will still trust him- many reasons too he
    Has prepared alot of people in viewing area
    Before when needed. And I recall a post earlier
    That stated please don’t scare people about
    Tornadoes if its not necessary! So even though
    His profession is reporting the weather tornadoes
    Do just come up when not expected when
    Not showing signs of them on the radar!

  • Belinda Ciccotto

    The problem, as I see it, is that Mr. Garrett cares more about the Fayetteville through Rogers area than the River Valley. In may 2011 he totally missed out on the big tornado that obliterated Denning in Southern Franklin county, and since then I have a hard time with his coverage. I feel safer, however, to have any reporting than none at all.

  • Charlotte Holt

    The 5 news weather team do the best they can with what they have to work with to the best of knowledge, God has the final say! No weather man or any man can tell the future. God is in control! Even if the weather team saw a tornado headed a certain way God could cause it to go another way. We all just need to be thankful for what we do have. Look in your bibles and look to God the maker of us all. Watch 5 news and if the storm comes your way and Garrett said it would then that is the way it worked out that time and if it don’t then be thankful.
    Charlotte Holt, Ozark

  • Kelley Reames

    I don’t understand why both 5 & 40 didn’t receive the tornado warnings…I trust Garrett and channel 5…always do backup…Charlotte is correct – the meteorologists are not in control of the weather…God is…so use some common sense…Thank you Garrett for all that you and your team do!

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