Mom Bites Off Dog’s Ear To Save Daughter During Attack

A mother in Texas relied on some animal instincts to fight back a dog when it attacked her infant daughter.

In March, the mother’s family was watching a friend’s pit bull when it attacked her two-year-old daughter Kenzi, affiliate station WGHP reported.

“When he smelled her, that’s when you saw it flip because I think he smelled my dog on her,” mother Chelsi Camp said.

When the dog attacked the child, the mother fought back by biting off the dog’s ear. She shoved her fist down the dog’s throat and was able to fight off the animal, WGHP reported.

Later, 911 was called, and an officer shot the dog. The animal was later put down.

To read the entire story on our affiliate station’s website KHOU – Channel 11, click here. 


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