Fayetteville Woman Arrested On Suspicion Of Domestic Battery

Jill Anderson

A Fayetteville woman was arrested on suspicion of domestic battery.

The woman was identified as Jill Anderson, 21, of Fayetteville, according to a report from the Fayetteville Police Department.

On Thursday (April 24) an officer was dispatched to 2000 N. Garland Ave. in reference to a prowler, according to the report.

The caller stated that she heard people talking and several knocks on her door, according to the report.

When the officer arrived at the apartment complex, he observed a white man and white woman arguing, and the girl was crying in the parking lot.

After separating the two, the officer noticed the male had a swollen lip, a torn left sleeve, a cut on his knee and several blood smears on both arms, according to the report.

The man said he and his girlfriend, Anderson, had been arguing through the evening, and everything started when he observed a Snapchat on her phone that upset him. This reportedly caused her to “freak out” and to begin striking him with a closed fist, according to the report.

He attempted to defend himself by grabbing her wrists, but the man stated that she threw him down.

Anderson stated that the man slapped her and shoved her to the floor, tearing her shirt. She also said that she did not remember who hit first, but she remembered the situation “getting aggressive,” according to the report.

The man stated he attempted to lock himself in his bedroom to get away from her, but she kicked the door in and broke the frame.

Anderson said she didn’t know how the door got broken, but she didn’t believe that she had one it, according to the report.

Upon observing the residence, the officer found a blood stain on the carpet, and a back bedroom door that looked to be kicked and the frame broken.

Based on the statements and injuries on both individuals, the officer placed Anderson under arrest. She was taken to the Washington County Sheriff’s Office and booked.

She faces a charge of Domestic Battery.


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