Lavaca Middle School Evacuated After Threat


Students at Lavaca Middle School were evacuated after a threat. It’s still unclear what type of threat was given and where it was found, but authorities said they are searching the campus for anything suspicious.

Students were taken to a safe place shortly after 9 a.m. Thursday (April 25), according to Sebastian County Investigator Philip Pevehouse.

Parents can pick their kids up from school if they choose, according to Deputy Pevehouse.

Stay with 5NEWS as this story develops.

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  • Josh

    if the media would quit making a major deal of the every day bomb threats, it might stop. Also, any day lost to a bomb threat should be made up. Take away more days from summer….that might make the kids stop this sillyness.

    • Happy, happy, happy

      I agree with them having to make up days. We as property tax payers prepay for all these days these kids are out of school, whether it is weather related, or now bomb related. I want my monies worth, or I want some of my tax money back. Just sayin’………I’m not getting return on my investment. Of course, this will never happen and discipline will never happen either for those making the threats.

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