River Valley Storms Rip Apart Woman’s Garage

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Severe storms ripped apart a woman's garage and caused damage Thursday night in the River Valley.

Neighbors said they believe the damage along Belmont Drive in Alma could be from a tornado.

Among the severely damaged property was Madeline Caplet's garage. The garage is not attached to her home, but when Caplet came outside after the storm, the garage was flattened.

“I just couldn't believe it," Caplet said.

Caplet said she’s lucky she made it out alive.

"It felt like it was sucking the roof off," she said.

Neighbors said they are happy their friend is safe.

“I came home, and my next door neighbor over here said you're not going to believe it. There was a tornado. I saw the funnel," said Jodi Shores.

“I looked out and heard a lot of noise,” said Caplet. “My glass patio was shaking and it was whistling, and I went to hide and I come out and my garage was gone.

Caplett said her garage is insured.

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