1 Year Old Dies, 4 Month Old Injured After Car Hits Tree

A 22-month-old girl was killed and a four-month-old baby was injured Friday afternoon after a car ran off of the road and struck a tree near Eureka Springs, according to an Arkansas State Police crash report.

Lauren Burlingame, 19, of Huntsville, was driving a 2003 Dodge Stratus southbound on Arkansas Highway 23 in Carroll County when it veered to the right and left the roadway, according to state police.

The car struck a tree, killing one-year-old Heaven Burlingame. Eligah Burlingame, a baby girl, was injured in the wreck, along with the driver and James Fogerty, 20, according to the crash report.

Those injured were taken to Northwest Medical Center in Springdale and Mercy Medical Center in Springfield, Mo. Severely-injured victims and those suffering major head injuries are often transported to Springfield.

Police do not know what caused the driver to veer off of the road. The weather was clear and dry, and everyone in the car were wearing seat belts, according to the state police report.


  • David

    Or maybe Heaven was choking on something, or Eliga was choking on spit up. Our little ones are way more distracting than a stupid phone. Use your brain or don’t use your mouth. Thanks.

  • Krystal

    What does it matter that she was 16 when she got pregnant. You don’t know what happened! You weren’t in the car. I can not stand judgemental people. Those that judge and speak on things they don’t know about are the ones that karma gets and I do sit back and laugh. Maybe he tire blew and she lost control of the car, or an animal ran out an she lost control. She had her kids in a car seat and they where wearing seat belts, to me that doesn’t sound like an irresponsible parent happy and mark so why don’t y’all shut up and only speak on what y’all know. No I am not a family member or friend I am a compassionate stranger.

  • Mommadogrocks

    Mark, I don’t know these people. I am not related to them in any way. Have no vested interest in this forum. I do have a Master’s Degree…and a heart.

    A horrible tragedy occurred and a child died. There is a family out there suffering. I see no reason for anyone to be so cruel. You must lead a pathetic existence to carry on such venomous rants against people you’ve never met.

    • lee harris

      God called a baby back home my prayers and thoughts go out to them i know what its like to loose a baby may god and his angles bring u peace in ur time of suffering u just never get over it and im sorry to hear about them babies

    • Karson

      Your right y’all don’t know what happens so shut your mouth! I am related to her and she was not on a cell phone… She tried the best she could to keep her children safe so next time you speak use your brain..

  • Ben

    Praying for this family. Mark you have no right to judge this family pray for them and let God be the judge, God knows best.

  • josh

    u ppl tht judge her are stupid and obviously u r not blessed with a miracle like heaven lauren was a good mother and a good friend an loved her daughter very much

  • chris

    So Mark Smith, you would feel more compassion if she were 25 instead? You’re an idiot. Prayers for the family. This is a tragedy no matter what age.

  • K

    Lauren is as Good person and was turning her life around for her children. So anyone that decides to judge her you should learn to keep your mouth shut. She was a nice young lady. Praying for you Lauren!

  • Happy, happy, happy

    So….was texting involved or not????? Have not heard anyone comment on the facts of the accident.

    • Mommadogrocks

      NOT! Someone else crossed over the center line and caused the accident. Why don’t you, Mark Smith and all of the other ignorant, judgemental trolls on this board, crawl back into your mom’s basement and leave this poor family alone.

      • Happy, happy, happy

        My comment did not indicate looking into whether or not the mother, or the other driver were texing….It is possible the one crossing the line was texting. you are far too judgemental, defensive and emotionally involved. If comments bother you, then stop reading them.

      • sarah

        I am sending my condolences to the family of.the.girl but. my.cousin is.james everyone is.hurt.by this.situation … accidents happen and hheaven. is.now.safe.home … poor.babygirl… THE.RUDENESS.SHOULDN’T BE IN.ANY COMMENTS CAUSE WHAT IF.IT WAS U OR.UR.CHILD … GOD BLESS OUR FAMILYS

  • Dora

    Sad for this family. Very tragic.

    The problem with name calling and ridiculing other commenters is it doesn’t help to prevent the next accident. If anyone was texting, if a tire blew out, whatever happened, we need to look at the circumstances and PREVENT the next accident. Accidents are PREVENTABLE and that is the reason for discussion and learning. If you cannot take honest discussion maybe this venue is not for you.

    • D.

      Because you can definitely prevent a tire blow out or another drivers actions. HAH I’ve never seen more ignorance in my life.

      • Dora

        Blow outs are preventable. A good set of matching tires replaced every thirty to forty thousand miles PREVENTS blow outs. An accident is called an accident because it could have been prevented.
        Defensive driving courses can teach a lot about saving lives and discretionary driving habits.
        Sympathy in the loss of your niece and I do hope your other family members heal but you might give thought to not being on this website until your situation has calmed down. Name calling is unbecoming.

  • sss ddsw

    Mark Smith, you are sorry POS! This woman just lost a baby! If I had you in my sights I would be beating you down big time! Many millions in fact have babies at 16. I hope they find a way to keep you out the gene pool though! Sorry MF’er!

  • Mark Smith

    Laura, I see you too are part of the problem by propogating the problem but down playing the tragedy of having children so young. All the compassion in the world is not going to bring that child back. Facing reality might help the other child and potentially other children from other mothers. Girls, if your family has no values, get them for yourself. You’ll be glad u did and your children will thank you. So Laura, whose more disgusting someone speaks the truth or someone that propogates damage out of a false sense of compassion. If u were truly co.passionate you would also be pointing out the damage and the solution.

      • Mark Smith

        D, you too must be from the uneducated ilk that cannot do simple math. She’s 19 with a 22 month old. Subtract 31 months from 19 and you get Ql16 and possibly 15 depending on when her birthday is. Had she been in a stable relationship then perhaps someone like the father would have also been in the car and could have warned or pulled the wheel. Also, if a stable family was in tact then perhaps just one of the parents, without the children, could have been driving to wherever they were going that day. If they were on way to drs office, then odds are one of 2 parents could have taken only the sick child to the doctors office. May not have prevented one death but might have. Certainly, second child would not be injured. You reall have to ask these wussy?

  • Mark Smith

    With compassion such as yours Laura, more babies will have babies and tragedies will continue which is truly disgusting.

    • Karson

      Hun, there was someone in the car that loved and cared about her children., he saved Eligah and Lauren so get more facts before you open your mouth… I am a family member and she was not on the phone I can assure you of that… DO YOU HONESTLY THINK SHE WOULD PURPOSLU RSIK THE LIFE OF A LOVED FRIEND, 2 BABIES AND HER OWN, NO!!!!! So shut it

  • Happy, happy, happy

    Mark, I know where you are coming from….you and I are taxpayers and most of the time these young moms kids were paid for and continue to be paid for with tax payers money. Not judgment, just fact. Check the statistics. Not to worry though family, I’m sure, if another driver was at fault, you have already been contacted by many lawyers. Lawyer up seems unfortunatel to be the mantra of the nation .

  • Savanna Chapman

    Lauren i’m so sorry for your loss, i knew you personally, from Clay. Your baby was the sweetest baby, and do not let any of these non empathetic, ignorant, self-centered, people get you down. I know every detail of what happened, and it could have happened to anybody. I’m praying for you, and i really hope you full threw this, because you’re gonna need as many prayers as you can get. Clay’s heart goes out to you as well, so again don’t let these people get you down, they have no empathy and they will get what’s coming to them.

  • Mommadogrocks

    Shut up happy. The family is in enough pain already. No one needs or cares about your callous rush to judgement…you don’t know anything. Just shut up.

  • D.

    My sister is in the hospital in a coma, with massive amounts of trauma, hanging on for dear life and you’re going to judge her for getting pregnant at 16? Who are you and what gives you the right? What does it matter the age that she had Heaven? Heaven was a blessing and I had to see that little baby girl dead on a hospital bed today. You are a sad excuse for a human being. There was another car involved that went over the center line into her lane. SO AGAIN I SAY, WHAT GIVES YOU THE RIGHT TO JUDGE ON A SITUATION YOU KNOW NOTHING ABOUT.

  • Melinda

    Mark Smith You are Probably some over weight loser living in your moms basement setting on a computer and trolling stories to bash! You probably have an education cause you never had a girlfriend. You set and hide behind a screen because you have no real life. I am 42 I had my children at an early age and raised all four with no help from anyone still managed to get a degree. So as you set there and judge this family about a loss that is so tragic you as an NOBODY would not understand that loss because I know If you had children you would never speak so poorly about someone who just lost one! My Prayers goes out to this young mother and her family. Shame on you Mark Smith you are a CLASSIC POS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • A

    I’m so sorry for your loss! My mom goes to church with Cindy, I just wanted to let you know that we are praying for you and your family. Its horrible that this happened. Ignore comments from people who don’t know the the whole story.

  • Laura

    Well, you’re a disgusting human being, Mark Smith. People have babies. Some younger than others. I don’t call that stupidity. I define stupidity as: a) your terrible grammar and b) your cold heart and void conscience that doesn’t give you the common decency to understand tact and compassion. You must not have children if you can speak of the loss of one so candidly. Which is best for all concerned, given the idiocy you’d pass on to them.

  • Mark Smith

    Your wrong Laura on EVERY level. It is a rightious anger that I have. One that wants to defend innocent children. Btw I have 4 children and cherish them. I didn’t go out and get pregnant @19. We waited till we were 25 like most educated, responsible people do. Think about what your fighting for – your own similarly stupid decisions or value system that defends 16 year olds getting pregnant in place of being pissed that a child didn’t have to die? You are worthless.

  • Mommadogrocks

    Mark, you ramble.You can’t stay on point. You can’t spell. You have no clue who your rants are directed at. You are a waste of time.

    I rest my case…

  • lgrossie949

    My deepest sympathies to your children for having to be raised by an ignorant father with poor spelling and grammar. No, Mark. I did not have a child at 16. But I know many women who have and they are better mothers than many at 35 or 40. Age does not make maturity. And for you horrible people whining about paying taxes to support young mothers, I hope you hit a tree and die and your children have to live off the state while you rot in hell. You are horrible, vicious people to publicly torment the suffering family with rude statements on a public forum. I know this little girl’s aunt personally and she is wonderful with children…this is probably the pinnacle of pain and anguish for her and you dare to mock that pain and suffering with self-righteous judgement. I’m sure you are all great Christians, too. Which means you WILL go to hell for your judgement. Better pray. Hard.

  • Mark Smith

    And yet you chose to comment. I thought I was a waste of time? The posts have gotten out of order for some reason. You caste aspersions yet offer zero solutions. You are part of the problem. Stop propogating the mistreatment of children

  • The Spelling Police

    I hope you are not pretending to an upholder of Christian values while you ‘hope you hit a tree and die and your children live off the state while you rot in hell’. Geez. Such vileness. Also your spelling and grammar are incorrect as well. Judgment does not have an e after the g. Your sentence structure is incorrect as well.

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