Students Make Film About Drinking and Driving

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A student dies, several are hospitalized and one is arrested in a film titled "Consequences." It was produced by Connor Leech, senior, and Devon Gulati, junior. It was shown to students the day before Prom Friday (April 25).

"An adult comes out and tells a kid don't go do this, they immediately discredit it because of the fact that's just how teenagers operate," said Leech. "We wanted to take a realistic approach that it's coming from a student to a student."

Police, firefighters, paramedics as well as the Benton County Coroner played a role in the 13-minute film.

Gulati said, "the experience was unreal because of how much we got to use the resources, we got everyone to cooperate with us."

On campus, a three-car wreck demonstrating the gruesome reality of drinking and driving has been on display. The cars were donated by Bentonville Towing.

"We wanted to show them something different Instead of statistics," Gulati said. "It definitely happens and they know that but giving them the emotional connection will really bring forth what we are going for."

The actors in the film are Bentonville High School students.

Leech said, "You take a familiar face and you put it in a situation that's very graphic that hits very hard, it generally reaches people at a much more personal level, which is going to be more effective."

Bentonville's prom is at the high school Saturday (April 26) and they celebrate "after-prom" at Fast Lanes in Rogers.

Click here to see the film.