LIVE UPDATES: Widespread Severe Weather Expected Today

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Widespread severe weather will impact the region on Sunday with multiple rounds of storms. This blog will provide updates from the 5NEWS weather and news team as this event unfolds.





Tyler Southard April 27, 201411:44 pm

Tornado Warning for this storm moving into SE Newton county. Storm is moving NE at 40 MPH.

Tyler Southard April 27, 201410:05 pm

Severe Thunderstorm warnings have been extended into the AR River Valley. Gusts to 60mph and 1″ hail possible.

Tyler Southard April 27, 20149:25 pm

A timeline of storms moving into Arkansas from East Oklahoma.

Tyler Southard April 27, 20149:07 pm

A severe line of storms is moving across E OK toward Arkansas. These storms have shown some rotation and could strengthen and produce a tornado. We are currently live on KXNW and will cut in to KFSM with updates.

Tyler Southard April 27, 20148:25 pm

It’s been quiet so far for a lot of you but we are beginning to see the next round develop over east Oklahoma. There is still a lot of unstable air for these to work with across the west River Valley and into NWA. These storms could rapidly intensify once they reach this unstable air. The Storm prediction Center has also extended the ‘High Risk’ area further north into parts of NWA.

Tyler Southard April 27, 20148:00 pm

Violent tornado on the ground heading NE toward El Paso, Floyd, Center Hill AR. Storm has already struck Mayflower and Vilonia.

Tyler Southard April 27, 20147:44 pm


Tyler Southard April 27, 20147:43 pm

Picture out of Mayflower Arkansas showing tornado damage. 

Tyler Southard April 27, 20147:42 pm


Tyler Southard April 27, 20147:42 pm


Tyler Southard April 27, 20147:37 pm

Tornado on the ground NW of Little Rock. Debris ball showing on Radar. Storm tracking NE.

Tyler Southard April 27, 20147:25 pm

Tornado on the ground NW of Little Rock. Debris ball showing on Radar. Storm tracking NE.

Tyler Southard April 27, 20147:01 pm

2 confirmed dead in Quapaw Oklahoma in Ottawa county. The fire station is also reported to be destroyed by a possible tornado.

Amanda Hale April 27, 20146:30 pm

Extensive power outages have been reported for Pope County. The estimated time to restore the outages is set for the next two hours.

Tyler Southard April 27, 20145:51 pm

Tornado Warning for Scott and Polk county. Storm is moving NE at 35mph.

Shelby Hays April 27, 20145:34 pm

5:33 PM viewer photo of small hail in New Blaine from Annisa Duggar.

Shelby Hays April 27, 20145:22 pm

5:10 PM: Viewer photo of pea size hail from Becca Carter.

Shelby Hays April 27, 20145:21 pm

5:10 PM viewer photo from Cheryl Ivey in New Blaine, AR (East Logan County)

Tyler Southard April 27, 20145:07 pm

The Danville storm is now also a TORNADO WARNING

Tyler Southard April 27, 20145:05 pm

Strong rotation also being observed with storm south of Tornado warning moving south of Danville.

Tyler Southard April 27, 20145:03 pm

Tornado Warning for Johnson, Pope, Yell, Logan Co .Moving NE at 45mph

Amanda Hale April 27, 20144:56 pm

Van Buren Police say storm shelters within the city are already open to the public.

Tyler Southard April 27, 20144:34 pm

Tornado Warning for this storm moving NE at 35mph in Pushmataha county (SE Oklahoma).

Tyler Southard April 27, 20144:24 pm

Severe Thunderstorm Warning for this storm moving NE at 55mph. Quarter hail and winds 60mph+ possible.

Tyler Southard April 27, 20144:11 pm
Strong storms have begun firing in east Oklahoma tracking toward the north and east at 30mph. The outlined area is where we are expecting further development this afternoon and evening. These severe thunder storms could quickly develop a tornado.

This would place the current storms in the Ft. Smith to Greenwood area in about 2 hours.

Tyler Southard April 27, 20143:44 pm

Tornado Watch has been upgrade to a PDS watch (Particularly Dangerous Situation) for Franklin, Sebastian, and Le Flore counties until 11pm.

Tyler Southard April 27, 20143:15 pm

The Storm Prediction Center has upgrade the severe risk to ‘HIGH’ for parts of our area. Be on alert through the day!

Tyler Southard April 27, 20141:51 pm

Tornado Watch is in effect until 9:00 PM.

Tyler Southard April 27, 201412:32 pm
Tornado watch coming soon..

Shelby Hays April 27, 201412:22 pm

Photo from Felicia Reynolds at 12:15 PM at South 31st street – warehouse electrical fire 

Tyler Southard April 27, 201412:22 pm

Here is a current wide view of the radar. Expecting the most intense storms to develop in the red box this afternoon before tracking east.

Tyler Southard April 27, 201412:03 pm

Storms moving through E OK and the AR River Valley are not currently severe. Lots of lightning and heavy rain though.

Shelby Hays April 27, 201411:16 am

11:15 AM radar update: Heavy Thunderstorms in Haskell, Le Flore, Pushmataha, and Latimer counties. Could see penny sized hail and wind gusts to 40MPH.

Shelby Hays April 27, 201411:04 am

As of 11:00 AM:  monitoring some non-severe storms in the area.  Threat for severe storms this afternoon still looks likely.

Tyler Southard April 27, 201410:44 am

12z NAM 4km showing supercells developing rapidly late afternoon in E OK. Tornado threat increase as they head NE. Image valid for 4pm cdt.

Tyler Southard April 27, 201410:23 am

Here is information you’ll need if you are programming your weather radio today:

Tyler Southard April 27, 201410:20 am

Important to note today: Severe thunderstorms COULD quickly go tornadic. If you are in a severe thunderstorm close attention.

Tyler Southard April 27, 201410:03 am

All forms of severe weather will be possible today include strong long track tornadoes. Here are the current probabilities for each category. 

Tornado:Probability of a tornado within 25 miles of a point.

Hatched Area: 10% or greater probability of EF2 – EF5 tornadoes within 25 miles of a point.

Wind:Probability of damaging thunderstorm winds or wind gusts of 50 knots or higher within 25 miles of a point.
Hatched Area: 10% or greater probability of wind gusts 65 knots or greater within 25 miles of a point.

Hail:Probability of one inch diameter hail or larger within 25 miles of a point.
Hatched Area: 10% or greater probability of two inch diameter hail or larger within 25 miles of a point.

Shelby Hays April 27, 20148:43 am

The area we are watching for severe weather today has not changed.  The entire area in yellow could see severe weather with a higher chance in the areas highlighted in orange.

Shelby Hays April 27, 20145:11 am

Here’s an updated look at the timing for our severe weather threat on Sunday.
A round of storms moves through in the morning hours followed by a stronger round in the afternoon/evening.  Severe storms are likely with strong winds, large hail, flash flooding, and possibly strong tornadoes.

*Note: Our in house model that you are seeing isn’t quite resolving the strength of the afternoon storms yet.  The timing is what to take away from this graphic. **

Tyler Southard April 26, 20148:19 pm

Here are the severe weather threats with Sunday storms. Tornado threat will be highest in the afternoon and evening.

Tyler Southard April 26, 20147:56 pm

Now is the time to get weather ready.

Tyler Southard April 26, 20147:50 pm

The National Weather Service in Tulsa has issued a ‘Special Weather Statement’ regarding Sunday’s storm threat:

Tyler Southard April 26, 20147:48 pm

Much of Arkansas is currently under a ‘Moderate Risk’ for severe weather on Sunday. There will be a round of storms in the morning followed by a stronger round in the afternoon and evening. 

Tyler Southard April 26, 20147:42 pm

Here is an approximate timeline of what to expect for Sunday’s storms. There will be updates to come as we continue to get new data. 

There will be a morning round followed by a stronger afternoon/evening round. 2-3″ hail, wind gusts to 80mph, flash flooding, and strong (possibly long track) tornadoes will be possible.

**Note: Our in house model that you are seeing isn’t quite resolving the strength of the afternoon storms yet. The timing is what to take away from this graphic.**


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