Three Tornado Sirens Down In Benton County

severe weather

A few of Benton County’s storm sirens were down on Sunday afternoon (April 27) and were not expected to be working during any severe weather throughout the night, according to the Bentonville Police Department.

The outage affected three of 16 storm sirens in the city. Those sirens were damaged during a power surge, police said.

Sirens on the north and east sides of town and in the downtown area were out of service on Sunday. The siren system is designed to overlap, so people living in the area should still be able to hear a siren if it is sounded, police said.


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  • Jennifer

    That really gets me mad. I grew up in Oklahoma and every Saturday w/o fail they tested the tornado sirens. I really think Arkansas officials across the state need to start taking tips on storm preventive measures from neighboring states.

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