Van Buren Storm Shelters Open Sunday

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Storm Damage

All Van Buren storm shelters were opened on Sunday (April 27), officials said.

Smoking is prohibited in storm shelters on school grounds, and pets must be kept in a carrier at all shelters, officials said.

Storm shelter locations:

Van Buren High School, 2001 Pointer Trail

Butterfield Trail Middle School, 310 N. 11th St.

Tate Elementary, 406 Catcher Road

Rena Elementary, 720 Rena Road

Parkview Elementary, 605 Parkview St.

King Elementary, 401 N. 19th St.

Coleman Freshman Academy, 821 E. Pointer Trail


  • Happy, happy, happy

    Don’t get it….Van Buren was never in the forecast as a place where there might be a tornado…no mention of Crawford County.

  • Even I can guess the weather

    They missed it so bad this storm, all we heard for days was how bad it was going to be. Garret’s blog ” best chance for severe weather in two years”. We didn’t get hardly anything in NWA, I don’t expect them to be dead on but at least get close. I wish I could be wrong all the time in my job and not get fired. Next storm people won’t take it the warnings seriously. They are playing up he tornado in mayflower (which is horrible and I pray for all those), so we don’t notice how bad they missed the local forecast.

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