Treasurer In Embezzlement Case Vows To ‘Pay Back Every Penny’

The former Cedarville treasurer wants to “make things right” after taking a large amount of money from the city, she told 5NEWS in an exclusive interview.

State police are investigating Alicson Reding in an embezzlement case involving money that went missing from the City of Cedarville while she was the recorder-treasurer. Reding resigned from her position earlier this month, officials said.

Court documents state the former treasurer or her husband or a business associated with them received  almost 372-thousand dollars from the city over the last six years.

“We are sorry,” said Reding’s husband Brian Reding. I was unaware of it, it’s been really rough on me.”

Reding said she is fully cooperating with investigators and has learned her lesson.

“I fully intend to pay back every penny,” she said. “I feel guilty and have a hard time looking at myself.”

Reding said she didn’t know exactly how much money she took.

Reding said that amount is too high and will be proven wrong. No matter how much Reding stole, though, she is going to spend a long time trying to atone for her mistake, she said.

“We had bills, but I know that shouldn’t be an excuse,” Reding said. “I will still cry every day, but one day, I want people to remember I am (a) good person, just made a horrible mistake.”

Cedarville taxpayers have mixed opinions on the investigation.

“There’s just so much that goes on in a small town,” said local woman Gwen Rhea. “I never realized how corrupt everybody could be.”

“Everybody makes mistakes,” said Robert Jones.

No arrests have been made, while prosecutors sort through the investigation, said special prosecutor Jack McQuary. McQuary was appointed the special prosecutor in the case because Crawford County Prosecutor Marc McCune said he had a conflict.

Reding and McCune are listed as friends on Facebook.


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