Paul Hewitt Named Fayetteville Schools Superintendent

After three months of searching for a new superintendent, the School Board on Tuesday named Paul Hewitt as the new Fayetteville School District superintendent.

Paul Hewitt is a long time educator, bringing 35 years of experience in public education to his new role as superintendent.

“This has been my life,” said Hewitt. “It’s been my career. I can bring that experience and knowledge to help this school district move forward.”

Hewitt has worked at the University of Arkansas since 2007.  He has also held several other jobs in the education field, including spending 17 years as a superintendent.

“I am familiar with the community here,” Hewitt said. “I am familiar with public education in Fayetteville and Arkansas. This was just an opportunity to serve.”

It’s that kind of experience School Board President Tim Hudson said made Hewitt an ideal candidate for the job.

“As our search process unfolded it turned out there was an opportunity, and he said that he would be willing to consider it and think about it,” he said. “By the tome the board members had the chance to talk to him, I think we all agreed he was going to be a great fit for us.”

Hudson believes Hewitt will take education to the next level while also strengthening the school district’s relationship with the U of A.

“I think he will help us make a real strong bridge there,” he said. “With him being a faculty member and an associate professor there, he has that connection for us.”

Hewitt plans to focus on collaboration and communication as he starts his new role.

“It’s a very good school district, so I want to get in and visit with people and let them tell me where they think the district should go,” he said.

While Hewitt does not officially begin his duties until July, he can not wait to begin.

“I wouldn’t have thrown my name in the ring if this wasn’t something I was terribly excited about, so yes I am looking forward to it,” he said.

Hewitt will begin his duties on July 1st. His transition with current Superintendent Vicki Thomas will begin immediately.

Hewitt was not among the 17 candidates who applied for the job by the school district’s declared deadline. The school district sent out public notices as it was interviewing candidates, but never noted interviewing Hewitt.


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