Tornado Shelters Could Help Save Lives

Recent tornadoes that have moved through the region have some people thinking about buying a personal storm shelter.

Storm shelters start at around $3,000, but they can quickly run up to almost $30,000 depending on the size.

Nicole Bennett, owner of American Storm Shelters in Sallisaw, said, “You can’t replace your family. It’s a great investment.”

Bennett believes that storm shelters are a good investment and can help keep loved ones safe.

Families interested in buying shelters need to be wary of who they buy from, according to Bennett.

“FEMA has certain requirements. If you are an actual FEMA-approved vendor, then, you have to build your storm shelters to their code, so, you have to have a triple-locking system,” Bennett said.

Bennett continued, “Which means it’s going to have that three points of attachment so the door will not come open.”

Bennett said that a typical storm unit takes about two days to build and two hours to install.

For more information from FEMA click here.


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