Dog Kept Alive Months After Supposed Euthanization

Photo courtesy of CBS News.

Photo courtesy of CBS News.

A family in Texas alleges that a veterinarian kept their dog alive for months after it was supposedly euthanized, according to a report from affiliate station KTVT.

The dog, Sid, was given to the vet with permission to put the four-year-old Leonberger down in Oct., 2013 due to health problems, according to KTVT.

However, they received a call more than a week ago from a former employee of the clinic saying that Sid was alive and being kept in a cage. So, police raided the clinic, and the dog was eventually returned to its family, according to KTVT.

Sid was taken to another clinic for an evaluation where it was discovered he didn’t have to be euthanized at all.

Read the entire story on our affiliate station’s website KTVT – Channel 11 by clicking here. 

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  • rlwieneke

    The Vet the family takes the dog to saves it’s life and the Storm Troopers RAID his clinic. Maybe he thought they would try to Kill Sid somewhere else and was protecting him.
    “it was discovered he didn’t have to be euthanized at all.”

  • LittleCL

    rlwieneke- you are stupid. Evidently, the dog was recommended for euthanization when he shouldn’t have been so that the vet could use him for blood transfusions. What an asinine comment by you. If you are attempting some form of sarcasm, consider it a “fail”.

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