Young Girl Arrested In Poteau Bomb Threat Situation


A young girl has been arrested in connection with a bomb threat that led to the evacuation of the Poteau High School on Wednesday (April 30), authorities say.

Students were let back into class around 12 p.m.

The Poteau Police Department confirmed that three “persons of interest” in the situation were initially taken to the police department.

The entire situation started when a mother brought her daughter into authorities because she’d received a text message talking about a bomb threat at “the high school” and “the elementary school.” No specific schools were named, so, authorities scanned both the Poteau High School and the Poteau Elementary School, according to the police department.

After authorities performed a sweep, it was determined the threat wasn’t credible.

The text message the girl received came from a Kik Messenger app, so, authorities haven’t been able to tie them to a specific phone number.

The girl arrested is suspected of being connected with the text messages, authorities say.

The account associated with the text messages is thought to be Canadian, and the FBI was contacted to further trace the messages, according to authorities.


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