Fayetteville Students Will Spend Saturday In School

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Instead of enjoying the spring weather, students in the Fayetteville School District will be behind a desk making up one of eleven school days missed because of snow.

Fayetteville Schools spokesman Alan Wilbourn said the state requires having students in school for 178 days a year.

He said the students missed thirteen days because of the harsh winter. Wilbourn said two of those days were waived by the state, and the other eleven had to be made up by taking away parent teacher conferences and holidays.

He said all schools will begin Saturday at their normal time and will release one hour earlier.

Wilbourn stressed that Saturday school will be treated as a normal school day and only those in clubs, sports or high school students working a weekend job are excused.

He said choosing to have students come in on a Saturday was a tough decision, but said the school district felt like it was the most fair.

"Everyone is giving up something," Wilbourn said, "so no one group is saying hey we had to give up all of our days because of this...and the parents understand it's been a tough winter."

He said this past winter was one of the roughest for the school district in recent memory. He said having thirteen snow days is the current record.

Students already had one Saturday school in January, and after tomorrow (May 3), they will have one more on snow make up day on Memorial Day.