Fort Smith Police Investigate Skull Found In Box

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The Fort Smith Police Department is currently investigating a skull found in a box, according to Cpl. Steven Dooley.

Barling police came to the Fort Smith Police Department for help after a Barling resident told them he had bought the contents of a storage building and found a human skull in a box as he was going through the contents of the garage, according to Dooley.

Dooley said the skull appears to be very old, and it was found on Wednesday (April 30).

It has been checked into the evidence locker at the Fort Smith Police Department.

Friday (May 2), authorities spoke with staff at the Sparks Regional Medical Center to see if they knew anything about the skull’s origin, according to Dooley.

At this time, authorities haven’t ruled out foul play, and they’re trying to determine where the skull came from, Dooley said.

Authorities will visit Sparks Regional Medical Center again next week as they continue to track down the skull’s origin.

Dooley did confirm that the address to Sparks Regional Medical Center was written on the outside of the box.


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