Police: Fayetteville Man Hides From Authorities In Closet

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A Fayetteville man identified as Robert Cercone, 37, was arrested after being found hiding in a closet from authorities, according to a preliminary report.

An officer responded to a residence in the 1700 block of North Shamblin Avenue in response to a 911 call. During the call, the dispatcher said they heard glass breaking and what sound like, “things being thrown,” according to the report.

When the officer arrived, they spoke with Katherine Murray, who lives in the residence. Murray did not immediately open the door when the officer knocked, but eventually did open it, the report states.

As the door opened, the officer observed a television knocked off the stand and lying on its face, a turned over table, multiple shards of broken glass, a kitchen chair on the couch, a vehicle license plate bent lying on the couch and multiple beer cans, according to the report.

The officer asked who caused the damage to the residence, and Murray stated that her daughter had left, and authorities needed to find her. When the officer mentioned a male voice being heard during the 911 call, Murray stated that the male had left as well, the report states.

Murray did not consent to let the officer in her apartment, and when the officer asked what the male’s name was, she said, “Robert.”

It was at that point that the officer remembered an earlier case involving Murray and recalled Robert Cercone lived with her, according to the report.

The officer stated that he knew Cercone was still in the apartment, and he needed to speak with him. After calling for Cercone to come out, the officer received no response, according to the report.

Due to the threat of more violence taking place if the officer left the scene, the officer decided to enter the residence and find Cercone.

Murray stated that the officer had no right to go into her bedroom, so, the officer entered the bedroom and opened the closet door, the report states.

The officer noticed a foot sticking out of the hanging clothes in the closet and ordered the subject to come out, according to the report.

Cercone came out and explained that Murray had thrown a glass at the TV, angering Robert and causing him to go into a “rage,” the report states.

The officer checked for warrants on Cercone and found that he was on the criminal trespass log at Murray’s apartment.

Cercone was arrested and faces charges of criminal trespass.