Early Voting Starts May 5 In Northwest Arkansas

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For those people wanting to avoid the lines at polling locations on May 20, early voting starts tomorrow and goes until May 19.

Benton County prosecutor candidates Kimberly Weber and Nathan Smith said they encourage voters to come out early.

"Early voting is crucial," Smith said, " A huge percentage of the electorate will vote early, so it's important for people to get out and get their voice heard at the ballot box."

"If you wait until the last day, emergencies can happen," Weber said,
"You have two weeks and nine polling places, so you can go at your convenience."

Smith said everything gets more intense the closer May 20 gets.

"I'll imagine over the next few weeks or few days that we'll ramp up what we're doing," Smith said, "but really we're doing the same thing all the time, which is making sure we work hard, make sure that we talk to people and explain to them why we`re running, and why this race is important to Benton county."

Weber said she's preparing by getting out and meeting new people.

"I'm going to try to meet everyone that I haven't," Weber said, "And that's my favorite part of this whole process, is meeting people, letting them meet me and finding out about me and about my experience. Then I try finding out what they want and what they need from their prosecutor."

The general election for the nonpartisan prosecuting attorney race and the primary for state and federal races is May 20.

Benton County polling locations can be found here.

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