Police: Drug Deal Leads To Shooting In Greenwood

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A man is recovering in a local hospital, and another man is behind bars after a shooting  in Greenwood on Saturday.

Greenwood Police said they received a call just before midnight on Saturday (May 3) about a shooting at the Sunrise Apartments on Dogwood Street.  Police said they  believe a disagreement over a drug deal led to the shooting.

The man shot was flown to Washington Regional Medical Center in Fayetteville. Police said they are not releasing the name of the victim at this time, but said the man is in stable condition in the intensive care unit.

The Sebastian County Sheriff’s Department said 22-year-old Steven Harden is in custody. Harden faces multiple gun and drug charges, and first-degree battery, according to the sheriff’s department.

Police said they seized mushrooms and a 9 mm gun. The mushrooms will be sent to a crime lab for analysis.

Harden was booked into the Sebastian County Detention Center around 1:30 a.m. Sunday morning. No bond has been set, according to the sheriff’s department.

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  • Donna

    So, why was the victim not taken to a Ft. Smith hospital? Have our hospitals and doctors not passed “Gunshot 101”?

    • Donna

      Well, I hope he also has really good insurance……helicopter transport to a hospital 75 miles away versus ambulance to a hospital about 10 miles away, which also would have been faster to get treatment. Strange “choice”.

      • mike

        Again, when your chances of surviving at all,are slim, how much does the life flight cost? Bet it didn’t enter his mind. Some people should listen more and speak less. It would be a much quieter world with less noise to filter thru. By the way, the cost is a bit over 20k. Seems a bit much, but then whats your life worth? Myself and sister both paid the inflated charges to hope to see another day.So far my life has a value of around $390,000! Wow, yet to some, I’m considered worthless.I don’t think my children or grandkids will look at life thru $$ signs.Not even the best church or preacher can fix the inability to shut your mouth and listen.

  • ashley n E.

    The man is only 19 or 20 and he has a baby on the way he is a good person and he is not a drugy. He was just at the wrobg place at the wrong time and made a mistake. And he wad flown to washington medical center because it was really bad and he almost died. He may be paralyzed. You know yall have no reason to judge or leave rude comments he is a soon to be dad, a brother, a grandchild, a son, and a best friend. It would be a whole different story if it was someone one of you knew. So just leave it alone. Yall shpuld be praying for the family. Not puttin rude or sarcastic comments that the family can see. People these days I swear yall need to go to church and see what christians are really supposed to be and how they are supposed to treat people.

  • jamie

    They were likely taken to Washingto Regional due to Ft Smith not having the proper resources to handle the patient. It could be that they needd a surgeon, anesthesia, or a neurologist that Ft Smith did not have. Ft Smith is slightl behind in trauma care.

  • mike

    First of all, while donna and sarah clearly have no idea what decisions someone can make while in critical condition. I highly doubt that the victim had a say in where he was taken. Our hospitals are not equipped or STAFFED for such an event. they are more in the business of band-aids and bills.Been there, done that. Thank goodness for the air- evac helicopters and staff that keep most of us alive until we reach a place thats prepared and qualified to save lives after a major incident/ accident occurs. Prayers for his family and friends.

  • Donna

    When I first posted, the story made it sound like a helicopter landed in Greenwood and took him directly to a hospital in Fayetteville which just seemed absurd all the way around. Later, they said he was actually taken by ambulance to a Ft. Smith hospital first, then transferred to the other hospital, which made sense. If they ahd said that to begin with I would have never posted at all. I was just questioning how it seemed they bypassed the logical step of taking him to a Ft. Smith hospital first and wasted time going through whatever process to take him to Fayetteville instead. Evidently that was not the case, so……..nevermind my first post. I hope he is going to be alright.

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