Fort Smith Police Seek Robbery Suspect

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On Sunday (May 4) at 1:44 a.m., Fort Smith Police responded a robbery at the Valero Station located at 5727 Kelley Hwy, according to a news release Monday (May 5).

An employee reported a black male, wearing a grey hoodie and blue bandanna across his face, robbed the store at gun point, the release states.

The suspect grabbed the money drawer and fled the business running across the parking lot heading west, according to the release.

A witness stated they saw the man running from the store carrying the money drawer. That witness also said they saw the suspect run to a vehicle stopped on Koller Avenue and climb into the backseat before the vehicle drove off, the release states.

Anyone with information on this crime is encouraged to call the Fort Smith Police Department at 479-709-5100 or call the River Valley Crimestoppers tip line at 78-CRIME.


  • Outsider

    More news about pathetic losers who will eventually get caught, put and in jail and their they won’t be able to reap the treasures of their worthless stupidity.

    Oh but I’m sure whoever done it is a real nice person and this is totally out of character for them

    • Kuwanda

      Yes like the girl that claimeda man sexually assaulted her last week in a u of a parking garage. She forgot to look up and see the cameras everywhere.

      Lying fake.

  • brndn220

    Yeah, thanks to people like her are why people are accused of something they didn’t even do.

  • Fed up

    According to the Times Record the robber fell just before he jumped into the car they fled in. He dropped some of the money and his ID!!! LOL!! Maybe this will be one to get on America’s dumbest Criminals if they still have that show. It also said there were witnesses and they located the car seen fleeing and they know who did it.

  • Reese Dumas

    Lol. How are you gonn be a clumsy criminal, and rob a store across from the STATE TROOPERS office? Hopefully they weren’t from here to be that dumb. And drop your own wallet?! Too funny.

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