Fayetteville Family Wakes Up, Finds Drunk Man Sleeping On Couch

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A drunk man breaks into a Fayetteville family's home, comes inside and falls asleep on their couch.

Police said James Fenex, 18, faces charges of criminal mischief and residential burglary.

Sherylyn and Gustavo Stanton said their daughter, Marsha Stanton, woke them up Sunday (May 4) morning after discovering an unexpected guest asleep on their living room couch.

"I saw the garage door was open, and I went upstairs and told my mom," said Marsha Stanton. "I was scared."

Sherylyn said she did not believe her daughter at first.

"I knew my daughter was not joking when she started describing what clothes the man was wearing, so I walked downstairs," she said. "Once I realized someone was really down there, I ran back upstairs and grabbed my husband."

When the Stantons woke up Fenex, they said he appeared to be very intoxicated. Fenex claimed he did not break into the Stanton's home, telling them he was at his brother's home.

"He was like quit playing with me man, where are my brothers," Sherylyn Stanton said. "He thought we were joking."

But the Stantons were not joking. They even walked Fenex outside to their front yard to show him he was at the wrong home.

"I tried to show him where he was at, and asked him if he recognized the area," Gustavo Stanton said.

The Stantons said they tried to help Fenex, but he still claimed he was at his brother’s home. That's when the Stantons decided to call the cops.

"It's like I don't know how he mistakes my house for his or his brother’s home," Sherylyn Stanton said.

When authorities arrived at the home, they found Fenex asleep on the couch and intoxicated, according to a preliminary report. He was placed into handcuffs.

Fenex was "disoriented" when answering the officer's questions and did not know where he was. He said he knew the homeowners, but he didn't correctly identify them when asked, according to the report.

Fenex didn't know how he got there, but he suggested that maybe his brother dropped him off the night before, the report states.

The Stantons believe Fenex entered their home through their sliding back patio door, saying they found a pry mark on the outside of the door. No major damage was done to their home.

"These doors are so very easily broken into," Sherylyn Stanton said. "I mean just with the swipe of that dude's hand it was wide open. We will be taking more safety precautions to make sure that does not happen again."


  • Jared Blanford

    I think that’s a little harsh. Sounds like he just got way to drunk and needed a place to sleep. Burglary? Come on, make him pay for the damages and let him go.

  • Reese Dumas

    I agree with Jared. He just wanted to pass out, not commit burglary. All he was guilty of was getting too intoxicated to even know he was in the wrong house.

    • Jcar

      Go look up the definition of Burglary. It says something like this:

      Burglary (also called breaking and entering[1] and sometimes housebreaking)[2] is a crime, the essence of which is illegal entry into a building.

      Pretty STUPID! Getting too drunk can lead to major problems/crime. I hope this kid gets it under control before he pays a real big price.

  • Sherylyn Stanton

    He came in my house.I don’t want to press charges he didn’t hurt any body.But when I asked him if I could call someone to get him he just walked up my stairs mumbling my husband called the cops to get him out the house . He looked like some one hurt him before he entered my home . So please let the boy go home

  • Sully

    Just because you’re drunk does not absolve you from your crimes. More than likely they will offer him a plea deal. If not, then I guess you learn a hard lesson for your stupidity.

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