Woman Injured At Local Rodeo

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A Sequoyah County woman was injured while barrel racing at the Garrison Creek Rodeo Monday night (May 5).

First responders on the scene said the woman sustained non-life threatening injuries, possibly some broken ribs, after being thrown from her horse. She was transported to a local hospital.

The horse was not injured.

The woman’s name was not released, but a first responder told 5NEWS she was born in 1971.


    • cutter

      None of u no what you are talking about im a barrelrace team roper and asteer rider so untill u jump in that saddle you dont know wat your talking abou ya the reason that horse bucked it was ethier a colt or the horse was ssore barrel racing people haveade over a million dollars ya a hand full of people could have been killed so shut up and dont speak unless u no eat your talking about

  • unknown

    She wasn’t a Sequoyah county woman she lives in Leflore County and her saddle slid off going around the 3rd barrel and he ran back toward the alley and drug her. And as previously stated it was not a rodeo it was a jackpot barrel race. Dang if you are gonna report the news you could at least attempt to get a few things right.

  • brandi

    First off rodeo is like any other sport or game you play. Or every time u wake up in the.morning its a way of life every day you take a chance with your life weather your a office worker or a stay at home mom wwhen u get out of bed your taking a chance with your life. Me and my family have always been rodeo and country people and will rremain that way. Its the luck of the draw and not no one can say when its your time to go only god can . And if any of you truly knew god and have him in your life then all of you would know this and not be argueing on this.

  • Mark Smith

    Given the poor use of English, spelling errors and flawed language, perhaps this is a valuable sport in cleansing the gene pool. Crack a book.

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