Blue And Gold Considered For Bentonville West High School Colors

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The Bentonville West Wolverines’ colors will be blue and gold when the high school opens in 2016, pending approval by the School Board later this month.

School officials earlier this week presented blue and gold as the school colors. School Board members are set to vote May 19 whether to approve the proposed colors.

The board voted in March to name the newly-planned high school Bentonville West High School, which will be located on Gamble Road in Centerton. Board members also approved the Wolverines as the school mascot, but did not choose a color at the time.

Possible Wolverine logos were also presented to the School Board earlier this week, although no final decision was made on a logo.

Local voters last year approved a millage increase to build a second high school to alleviate overcrowding issues at Bentonville High School, which holds more than 4,000 students but has an ideal capacity of 3,700.

Bentonville West High School’s capacity is estimated to be about 2,250 students, according to the Bentonville School District. School Board members last summer approved $74 million in bond money to be sought to pay for the new high school.

Administrators said the new high school is set to open in time for the 2016-17 school year.

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  • Ted

    Blue is for honor, gold is for courage, hold the banner high. WHY DON’T YOU STEAL THAT TOO BENTONVILLE? BUNCH OF JERKS!

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