Sheriff’s Son Suspected Of Selling Pot To Informant

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Sebastian County Sheriff Bill Hollenbeck’s son will appear before a circuit court judge Wednesday (May 7th) morning, according to authorities. This, after he was arrested on suspicion of drug charges, according to court documents.

Authorities working with a confidential informant on Monday purchased one ounce of marijuana from Thomas Hollenbeck, the sheriff’s son, court documents state.

Officers then executed a search warrant for Hollenbeck’s residence and found more than four ounces of marijuana, a shotgun, a pistol and items used to grow pot, according to court documents.

Thomas Hollenbeck, 24, was arrested without incident and transported to the Sebastian County Detention Center, court documents state.

He faces charges of maintaining a drug-involved premises, possession of marijuana with purpose to deliver and delivery of marijuana.

Sheriff Hollenbeck issued the following statement after the arrest was made:

“I authorized the investigation.  Our detectives did a great job.  Thomas is an adult.  He chose his path.  I hope this arrest will be the start of his recovery.  Until then, Thomas will answer for his crime just as any other person would.”

As of Wednesday morning, authorities say Thomas Hollenbeck is being held behind bars without bond.



  • Mel Sams

    And folks, this is the correct way for a Sheriff to answer the charges his son has against him. The Sheriff is doing the job the way he always has and shows No favoritism for the closes of family, I say all Thumbs Up for your Sheriff.. So I am sure there will be many negative comments wrote but that is all it is letters making no words, so Do the Crime and you Will do the Time !
    So to all that Voted for this man to be your Top Law Enforcement Official, I say you did a Great Job !

  • Jason

    Way to go sheriff! A lot of parents should have this approach towards their kids instead of trying to cover for their mistakes. To many people today have a sense of entitlement. Nice job sheriff.

  • a volunteer

    The sheriff is to be commended to show that nobody (including family) can act above and beyond the laws because of his title and status. I’m sure it’s heartbreaking and somewhat embarassing to the sheriff but in his eyes, it’s a good way to get his son back on track. Tough Love!

  • No excuses

    I agree that he did the correct thing. It’s true, if more parents would do this with their kids instead of covering up for them and making excuses for their behavior maybe they would straighten up. Most officials at the city and county level do nothing but cover for their family. Like he said, his son is an adult and he chose his path and maybe this will be a wakeup call for him.

  • Kim

    I agree finally someone who can be trusted in office great job! I’m sure it is hard to do this but very
    Proud of the fact that you are doing the right
    Thing here. Hope your son does learn from
    This and turns his life around.

  • ns

    an updated version of the story, finally. thank you Sheriff for what you did and im glad to call you the sheriff of this county

  • soonerfan

    No win situation for the Sheriff. If he does his job some one is going to be on him. If he hadn’t done his job more people would be on him. I say Good Job Sheriff. More need to be like him. You should be proud to have a Sheriff like him.

  • atc8824

    Good job sheriff I personally know how hard it is to send your own child to jail.I commend you and I pray for you at the same time.Glad it was just pot because they never recover from meth addiction,:(

  • Lucy

    Wow, I am flabbergasted. An elected official that isn’t showing favortism. Mr. Hollenbeck I’m sorry for your trouble with your son, and I pray that this turns his life around. You are a great dad and seemingly a great sheriff.

  • Mick Mccartney

    It is still favoritism because there are gun charges and that’s what does a drug dealer in, guns, the amount of sentencing if vastly different with or with out gun charges. Still it should be legalized.

    • Realist!!

      I can’t own a gun if I have pot? I thought only convicted criminals can’t have the two together??

    • Fed up

      Is there some point to this comment? What does his sister have to do with any of it. He doesn’t live in the same house and they are many years apart in age.

  • citizen X

    he Finally Let Them Arrest Him….Are there Elections Soon Or What?Commend The Sheriff For Doing Right,Without Questioning How Long This Went on.


    Really??? You say he is being as fair and stand up as he possibly can!! I personally know this is B.S. his son is being charged with way more drugs and fire arms than someone that I know and Sheriff Hollenbeck pushed his case to the Federal Authorities to handle…. But it looks like his son who had a lot more drugs and fire arms in his possession is getting off with keeping his local!! Small town politics is all i have to say! I think Sherriff Hollenbeck should turn this case over to the FEDS if what he told the people I know is true then he has no choice because of the amount of drugs and fire arms that was on him… or so that’s what he says. And I think he also stated that there isn’t a deal to be made he doesn’t believe in that and wrong is wrong….. Karma sometimes jumps up and bites you in the a**! Right Sheriff?

  • Sean

    “I bet he was smoking marijuana cigarettes too!”

    Meanwhile this area has one of the highest populations of child predators in the nation.


  • mW

    It’s amazing how we go after these guys for pot but yet the people who are out drunk driving after getting 4 removed and accumulating 4 more not even within a year of the last being removed are able to be out walking the streets when they could have killed someone or their families but hey Sebastian county only has room for pot dealers or rapists…..Makes a whole bunch of sense.Its amazing that the sheriff stands up for people doing the crime for their time but sure enough those that are attorney’s or attorney’s children make way out of multiple charges which only prolonges the possibility and chances of others being harmed and or killed.To bad everyone doesn’t have the same morals as the Sheriff!!!!

  • Mark Smith

    The rest of local government would do well in to emulate this man and drop the nepotism and promoting people based on relationships vs education. Maybe, just maybe if leaders value education then A Arkansas will not be 48th in the country in education.

  • Mark Smith

    Crickets are deafening. I guess this strikes a little too close to home in all things Arkansas?

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