Police: Homeless Man Arrested In Fayetteville After Stealing $16

Mark Thrall

A homeless man has been arrested in Fayetteville after stealing $16 from a bartender’s tip jar on Tuesday (May 6), according to court documents.

Police were called to Jose’s Mexican Restaurant at 324 W. Dickson St. for a report of robbery. When they arrived, they found a person had stolen approximately $16 from a bartender’s tip jar and left, court documents state.

With information gathered from the business, video surveillance, a credit card receipt and a note left by the suspect, the man was identified as Mark Thrall, according to court documents.

Employees of the business said they approached Thrall and asked for the money back, and that is when Thrall made threatening statements to them, including, “I have something in my backpack, and I’ll start shooting,” court documents state.

He also said, “I’ll end all this,” according to court documents.

Thrall opened his bag and motioned he was about to produce something. After that, he began to walk away, but a security employee kept following him. He stopped again and motioned for the security employee to come closer, saying, “Keep coming. I have something for you,” court documents state.

The employee stopped, and Thrall walked out of sight.

On Tuesday (May 6), Thrall was found by officers after they received a complaint on him possibly being intoxicated in the 1200 block of Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard. It was there he was arrested by authorities and booked into the Washington County Detention Center, according to court documents.

The documents also state that Thrall faces charges of aggravated robbery and terroristic threatening.


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