Whirlpool Distribution Building To Be Acquired By Spartan Logistics

The Whirlpool distribution building in Fort Smith is set to be acquired by Spartan Logistics, according to a news release Wednesday (May 7).

Spartan Logistics is planning to expand its operations in Fort Smith by acquiring the distribution center which is almost 620,000 square feet, the news release stated.

“We were really awestruck at the level of industrial activity in the Fort Smith area when
we arrived here last year,” said Ed Harmon, Chairman of Spartan Logistics and
president of its development company.

He continued, “We are really excited about the opportunities
here to work with the Chamber of Commerce and local businesses to serve their real
estate and supply chain needs.”

Spartan Logistics is a third-party logistics company that specializes in acquiring and operating older properties as distribution centers in major manufacturing areas, the news release states.

“This is more positive economic news for Fort Smith, especially because Spartan
Logistics will utilize an existing facility that meets its requirements,” said Sandy Sanders,
mayor of Fort Smith.

He continued, “We welcome Spartan Logistics and appreciate the new jobs the
company will provide.”




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