Bentonville High School Will Add Portable Classrooms

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The Bentonville School District plans to install five additional portable units at Bentonville High School. Students already have three on the back side of the campus.

The city of Bentonville approved the concept Tuesday (May 6).

Superintendent Michael Poore said this is a temporary fix to the overcrowding issue. There are 4,000 students this school year and the capacity is 3,700.

"We still anticipate an additional 200 students there next year and then another 200 the following year before we ever get the long-term fix in," Poore said.

The long-term solution is the construction of Bentonville West High School on Gamble Road in Centerton. The Centerton Planning Commission recently approved construction and the district plans to break ground in June.

Each portable unit will have two classrooms with bathrooms.

"We work within our facility department and contractors to make all things from wiring to plumbing, all a reality," Poore said. 

"This is another positive step for the school district because it allows us to deal with our growth at our current high school for the next two years while we are waiting for Bentonville West to open up," he said.

The new high school is set to open in 2016. There will be a minimum of 1,400 students on that campus, according to Poore.

 Bentonville West High School's colors are still to be decided. Gold and navy blue are being propose at the May 19th meeting.

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  • Jcar

    A new high school should have been built a couple of years ago. Probably ought to be planning a 3rd one right now. Who would really prefer that there kids go to a 4000+ enrolled Public “Cesspool” High School!

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