Google Changes Interstate Designation From I-540 To I-49

Photo courtesy of Google Maps.

Photo courtesy of Google Maps.

The popular search engine Google has updated its maps data to show the recent name change of Interstate 540 to Interstate 49.

A spokesman for the Arkansas State Highway and Transportation Department said the agency has a working relationship with California-based Google. This means that when Arkansas highways change in any way, Google usually has the data available on its map service within a day or two of the change.

The spokesman also confirmed that Google feeds its map data to IDriveArkansas, the state highway department’s website providing driving conditions.

5NEWS checked other map services such as Bing Maps, Apple Maps, and Mapquest. Those sites as of Thursday afternoon (April 8) still referred to the interstate as I-540.

Google is using both designations, I-540 and I-49, while collecting information on the interstate, according to the highway department.



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