Google Changes Interstate Designation From I-540 To I-49

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Photo courtesy of Google Maps.

The popular search engine Google has updated its maps data to show the recent name change of Interstate 540 to Interstate 49.

A spokesman for the Arkansas State Highway and Transportation Department said the agency has a working relationship with California-based Google. This means that when Arkansas highways change in any way, Google usually has the data available on its map service within a day or two of the change.

The spokesman also confirmed that Google feeds its map data to IDriveArkansas, the state highway department’s website providing driving conditions.

5NEWS checked other map services such as Bing Maps, Apple Maps, and Mapquest. Those sites as of Thursday afternoon (April 8) still referred to the interstate as I-540.

Google is using both designations, I-540 and I-49, while collecting information on the interstate, according to the highway department.



  • Larry

    Big whoop! Now I can sleep at night. What else could that $70,000+ have done to make the highways better.

  • Kenneth Joyce

    I agree Larry! LIke the $65,000 Ft. Smith on Bike Route signs!! What a waste.. most of those streets are to dangerous to THINK about riding a bike on!!!!

    • Larry

      Yes, like the “share the road” signs. Most of those are just an invitation to commit suiside!

  • It's Only Money

    A little known fact: 49-540 was going to be US 71 north of Alma, but changing from a US Route to an Interstate highway meant more “free” government money that Arkansas could waste (which they didn’t need because John Paul Hammerschmidt regularly brought home the pork)

  • Larry

    I don’t oppose the building of highways. 540 is very nice, necessary, and scenic, but mismanagement, I do have a problem with that. Hard to just GET OVER.

    • RegulationNation

      The mismanagement came years before the current situation and I doubt many, if any, of the people who should have taken the right steps (if the idea for I49 was even known back then) are still there. Changing the name to I-49 to comply with current naming standards and also to help in the push for the completion of the VERY NECESSARY I-49 down through Arkansas, including Fort Smith, Alma, etc, is not a waste of funds or mismanagement by those who made the decision to change it.

  • Kuwnda

    I have to update my GPS. It hasn’t been updated since 2010 and it is now so wrong on so many roads. I guess the new I-49 just pushed me into updating for sure now.

  • Larry

    Yes, there is a need for a interstate grade highway on the west side of the state. However, “naming standards” is just another name for mismanagement. These kinds of decisions would never fly in the private sector where dollars used more wisely. Sorry if I stepped on your toes. Let’s just see how long it takes to get I 49 built now that the name meets a standard.

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