Milk Prices Skyrocket

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Many grocery shoppers said they have noticed high milk prices.

Fort Smith resident Ayesha Jalaliddin and her little ones said they consume a lot of milk.

"They drink milk a lot, in the mornings at night and after school," Jalaliddin said.

Jalaliddin said with high consumption, comes high prices.

"The prices went up high and it's kind of too high for kids to need it," Jalaliddin said.

Studies show the price of a half-gallon of two percent milk has reached four dollars. The price of organic milk is 60 cents higher.

"I might want to get my own cow and squeeze the milk myself," Jalaliddin said.

The price could hit five dollars by the end of the year.

Bobby Rogne not only consumes milk but is expecting a child.

"Families with small children, families with several children, cereal in the morning a lot of people's meals are based on milk," said Rogne.

The main reason is the persistent drought across almost a third of the country.


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  • Kuwnda

    Good thing that I don’t drink milk, but I know tons of foods are made from milk, so sadly tons of foods will skyrocket in price. This is so sad for the poor.

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