VIDEO: Fayetteville Thief Steals Trailer With Caskets Inside

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Fayetteville police are seeking a suspect they say stole a trailer that had caskets inside.

The thief was caught on camera Wednesday (April 30)  stealing the trailer from Caring Caskets, a business in southern Fayetteville. He drove onto the grounds of the business in a white pickup truck, broke the lock off of the trailer with a rock, hooked it to his truck and took off, the surveillance video shows.

Owner Floyd Hoke estimates the theft cost at about $6,000, including the two caskets that were inside. He said the thief was probably surprised whenever he opened the back of the trailer.

“I don’t know what he’s going to do with them,” Hoke said. “There’s not much to do with them.”

Hoke said the family-run business has been in that location for many years and they have never had a problem with theft.

Police said they have received two reports of trailer theft since April, but that such crimes are not uncommon because of how easy it is to hook up the trailer and go.

Hoke said he is not expecting to get the caskets back, but he does hope the thief is arrested.

"Somebody is going to recognize the pickup, somebody is going to recognize him, and then I'm just hoping they'll call," Hoke said.


  • Kuwnda

    Looks like an 87-91 Ford F-250. Solid white. Long bed. Their can’t be that many of these trucks left, but he was likely from out of the area.

    I have a GPS tracking device hidden in my camper and the battery last 2 years. I can track it if my camper gets stolen from the storage lot.

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