Deadly Shooting At Central Mall In Fort Smith

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

A man is killed after he confronts his estranged wife and two other men at Central Mall, according to Fort Smith Police.

Fadi “Frankie” Qandil, 34, died of injuries sustained from multiple gunshot wounds to the upper torso in a parking lot between the Malco Theaters and JCPenny Saturday night (May 10), according to Sgt. Daniel Grubbs.

Bethany Nelson was working the night of the shooting.

“A few minutes later we saw the fire trucks and all the cops and then people started standing on top of vehicles in a circle,” Nelson said.

Fort Smith Police responded to a report of shots fired at the mall at 7:41 p.m.

Investigators said Qandil confronted his estranged wife, Tabitha Qandil, 31, Grayson Herrera, 23, and Dustin O’Conner, 27, as the three were headed to the movie theater.

“It was pretty scary," Nelson said. "We were all pretty shaken up.”

“The victim raised his shirt and showed a weapon within his waistband, began to pull the weapon. The other two were concealed handgun weapon carriers and they pulled their weapons, and there was an exchange of gunfire,” said Grubbs.

An off-duty officer was working security inside the Malco, another off-duty officer was attending a movie, when both heard the shots and ran to the parking lot, according to Grubbs. The officers were able to disarmed Herrera and O’Conner.

“There was obviously multiple gunshots that were exchanged in this parking lot. That’s very concerning, it’s very disturbing, considering it’s Saturday and a lot of traffic here,” said Grubbs.

Herrera was struck once and taken by ambulance to a Fort Smith hospital. Grubbs said he was expected to be released by Sunday morning. Detectives planned to interview him after his release.

O’Conner and Tabitha Qandil were not injured. Both were taken to the Fort Smith Police Department for questioning.

Officers were on scene late Saturday night, collecting shell casings and other evidence.

Grubbs said at this point in the investigation, it is unknown if the men knew each other. He said several reports have been filed with the Fort Smith Police Department between the victim and his estranged wife.

A member of the Sebastian County Prosecutor’s Office was at the scene, at this point, no charges have been filed, according to Grubbs.

No other injuries were reported.





    • John

      Do you think the nut job that went there to kill his estranged wife would have cared if it had been a gun free zone? Its a good thing that the 2 men there were CCL holders and LEGALLY carrying their weapons or we would be reading a sad story about a woman being killed. But instead we read a wonderful story of how 2 brave men saved a young womans life from a nut with the intent on killing her. I say BRAVO to these men.

      • meloni

        That is not even a true statement. First of all their are 3 armed men at a public movie theater trading fire in a parking lot were children are present. This is not the old west. 2nd if the man intended to kill his wife he would not walk up and show his gun. He would have come from behind and shot her and the two men. You people and your gun rights need to stop putting the innocent at risk. That makes me not want to take my children to any public event if their are people with consealed weapons ready to shot at anything that moves because they are scared. If you are so afraid someone is after you stay at home. Those men knew they were with a married woman and she needed to straighten her affairs. I fault her for not ending one relationship before starting another.

      • Rita C

        Legally carrying concealed weapons in a gun-free zone is NOT legal. Innocent could have been hurt. What if this shoot out occured inside a theater?

      • Brandie Evans

        Ok john for one that guy you are calling a nut job is my uncle and he was a very wonderful person he did not go there to kill his wife he was there to confront her bout their visits with his children and they all three were allowed to carry the weapon so dont think you know somthing bout sombody that u dont even know and talk shit all you know is what the news is saying you dont know what he was going through and what kind of guy he was and for those of you who keep saying that this was drug or gang relation it was not so learn to keep your opinion to your self and stop spreading rumors none of yall know the whole story

      • mark

        Meloni you are what if’ng a scenario that has already played out. And are you an expert, walk up behind if he intended really. Him showing it in front of them and then firing it doesn’t clue you in. You will complain about ” gun people ” until someone comes after you or your family. Maybe the unarmed police officers should be patrolling your neighborhood

      • Rita C

        Two dumb— succeed in killing a man and not before shooting wildly in a parking lot directly in front of a Malco movie theater (next to a Chucky Cheese) on a SATURDAY when both are full of (and coming and going from) kids and their parents. Their permit just has to be fake because any professional with an ounce of training would not have a “shoot-out” where so many lives were endangered. The fix had to be in somewhere if no charges were filed. I heard the theater found out later and was furious! They should sue those two (not heros, just zeroes) for ruining their business. I think Carmike Cinemas will get my business on a regular basis now. They need a no gun policy there.

      • zztopperman

        “Two dumb— succeed in killing a man and not before shooting wildly in a parking lot directly in front of a Malco movie theater (next to a Chucky Cheese) on a SATURDAY when both are full of (and coming and going from) kids and their parents. Their permit just has to be fake because any professional with an ounce of training would not have a “shoot-out” where so many lives were endangered. The fix had to be in somewhere if no charges were filed. I heard the theater found out later and was furious! They should sue those two (not heros, just zeroes) for ruining their business. I think Carmike Cinemas will get my business on a regular basis now. They need a no gun policy there.”

        It’s idiots like this that live in dream land! The guy that went to kill his estranged wife would have been spraying bullets at the Carmike just the same! No gun policy!? Dream on in your fairy tale world!

    • John

      Rita C first I wasnt there so I dont know if they were coming from a movie or going to a movie but I do know for a fact that the shooting occurred in the parking lot. The parking lot is not a gun free zone at all. As a matter of fact The entire mall is not legally a gun free zone so it does not matter one bit. Why do people focus on the guys who were legally carrying a weapon and not on the guy who #1 did not have a permit to carry, #2 was there to do harm to an innocent person, and #3 a dirtbag that just so happens to have had his rear handed to him when he pulled a gun on the wrong guys???? If these men would not have had a CCL the wrong people would have died.

      • Rita C

        No shoot out around where parents & children are is excuseable here, John. I am sure a lot of the stone-throwing here about this guy has to do with the etnicity of his name (being a former Jordanian and now American citizen). If you’re truly honest, you will admit this. I don’t know where her three children were, but one day they will grow older. You cannot sweep this under the rug for them. As for these so called legal permits… inside a theater? Are they law enforcement? Otherwise I don’t think so.

      • John

        So Rita, why did your friend the thug start a shoot out in a place where children were present? Sounds like he’s the one to blame for all of this.

      • mark

        John, you’re making valid points, Brandi saying to confront about visits. I think that’s how separation agreements suggest isn’t it. Follow the other in a public place with a firearm and brandish it so we can have a civil cconversation. That’s non threatening behavior to the letter. WOW…you can’t have a battle of wits John if your opponent keeps showing up unarmed bro.

    • John

      Rita C, I dont care where the guy is from or what he looks like. He was a nut job who went there to kill his ex. And these “so called” permit holders were on the outside of the theater. No damage reports to other cars, no innocent bystanders hurt. Sounds to me like their aim was dead on. Had the dead guy not pulled his gun he would not be dead. How in the world can anyone with half a brain try to blame this on people protecting themselves and others, Legally I might add. The guys were completely in the right for pulling their weapons and taking this guy out. Because of these two brave men not one single innocent person was harmed.

      • cherilyn chavez

        Rita, Congratulations! You’re the first person to play the race card! No one mentioned it; no one even hinted at it. Gang activity was mentioned; jilted man looking for revenge was mentioned….but no race indicators. I think you are trying to distract us with flaming arrows. There is no situation under which carrying a gun to a confrontation is acceptable. There is no valid reason to pick a parking lot for what is going to be a difficult conversation. If the dead man’s intention was to work out something about the kids or about the divorce settlement and he couldn’t do it as a gentleman, he should have hired a mediator. He caused his own death and could have been responsible for a lot of innocent people getting hurt as well. In addition, he has caused a lot of us to be scared to go to the mall or to the move cinema. That is neither fair to the public or to the businesses. I am not happy he lost his life but I absolutely hold him totally and ONLY to blame for what happened.

    • lallaloopsy

      I am with you Sean. I think I will send a friend instead oh and an orange Julius, I better write this down

  • Robin Jones

    The day before mothers day and some freaking no good to walk on this earth had to go and wanna be famous for being stupid this world is getting to the point you can’t go anywhere without the fear of being shot or killed Jesus Chris TV

    • Outcast

      So, day before Mother’s Day and instead of their kids losing a mother, which seems to be the intent here, the kids are without the dad who planned on killing their mother. The day before mother’s day.

      I don’t feel sorry for this boy.

      • Alfred

        Check the facts, a married mother out with two armed men ! What father would want his kids in that situation ? Fadi was a beautiful person ! All of you spineless wimps want the mom to get a child support check and let the kids be neglected and crucify the father for his God given right ! Check the facts !!

      • Outsider

        Alfred, it clearly states EX wife and so does Fadi ‘s Facebook. Besides, even though the police has said Fadi brought a gun to his wife at the theater, you’re going to say that the two guys with the EX wife were te one’s “out for blood”? Your logic makes no sense.

        He may have been a good guy but he made a bad choice in a fit of rage and he paid the consequence with his life by others defending themselves.

        Besides, even if I caught my wife with another man you know what I’d do? File for divorce. I wouldn’t confront her in a parking lot with a gun.

  • Outsider

    You’re right, it’s no joke, some people will be hurting for a long time and that is sad, indeed. I hurt for this persons family.

    However, these things rarely happen randomly for no reason. This individual was most likely engaged in some activity which caused this to happen. It’s not excusable by any means and another idiotic loser has thrown away his life an will be killed or sent to prison for what? What could have possibly been so bad that it was worth throwing away your own life for killing someone else over? A girl? Drugs? “Disrespect”?

    It’s a sad situation full of stupidity but one I cannot feel sorry for anyone but the hurting family members of the deceased.

    My guess is this was a result of either the greenwood shooting or the shooting on Belle last night. Obviously I have no clue but this is my guess.

    • Alfred.

      Outsider you offer NO proof to your claim at all ! You only just agree with the woman and her 2 gunmen ! If he wanted to kill his wife he could have easily done it many times. He could have shot her first without showing his weapon ? I feel that he was set up and ambushed by the movements and conditions. Of course he cannot tell his side !

    • mark

      Outsider …I offer you the same condolences as John. Can’t have a battle of wits with unarmed opponent.

  • Crystal

    Have some respect. Someone just lost a loved one. What if it had been someone you love, huh? Wouldn’t be making jokes then.

    • John

      If they loved him, they would have taught him better. I’d say his family is as much to blame as he is. They should be billed for the shooter’s ammo & the cost of clean up.

  • Bob

    It is completely ridiculous that there was absolutely no emergency precautions taken by Central Mall. If there is a shooting held in the parking lot, all exits should have been closed off so that the people both shopping and working did not turn into hostages or additional victims. Luckily this wasn’t the case today, but had this shooting been by someone looking to do as much harm as possible, the fact that everyone was still able to move in and out of the mall freely could have resulted in a more devastating outcome.

    • CountryGal82

      I was there today when this happened and had no idea until after the fact that this occurred!

    • concerned in kansas

      You’re absolutely right! Luckily the shooter was well within his rights to have a gun but had it been a person on a rampage, my friend who was in the mall shopping, with one of her kids, im sure, could have been hurt too…im glad someone was concerned about the bigger issue at hand here! And hopefully the mall implies these helpful tips.

  • Ty F.

    It would be wise to withhold judgement until more facts are known; that said, I somehow have the feeling that this might be gang-related. There have been a few drive-by’s in the news lately…this could be retaliation.

    I suppose we’ll just have to see, though.

  • fsmguy

    I’m sure it’s one of the gangs here in Fort Smith. Crazy! Praying for the family of the person killed and the person injured.

  • Kmariah

    What’s the name of the person who was killed? Cait, I am so sorry for your loss, prayers are headed your way. Who were te injured ones also?

  • oldyellar

    Hey lonestar I just wanted to let u know God helped me write this. So u don’t need to tell god to help me cause he’s already helping me. Gosh lonestar now who is an idiot?

  • rick

    The person killed waa a gang member he was trying to kill his ex wife and her lover he was killed by a good Samaritan with a concealed weapons permit.

    • ajdfakldnjf

      you have no idea what youre talking about. this was not Gang involved. please dont just spread untrue things.

  • Taylor

    Prayers for the victims family and for the other individual injured in this careless act of violence. RIP to the individual who’s life was taken too soon and whom I hope receives justice for this act. So sad a place of gathering for many has now been turned into a crime scene.

  • just my opinion

    There is a judge and its not us, I know no one involved but will pray those who do I suggest everyone else do the same

  • mike

    Channel 5 is very late at breaking the news
    40/29 has released the names of those involved
    and the story of what happened.

  • Rhonda Ridgway

    Even if this person was a “bad” person…He has a mother..and a family that is suffering right now. People need to grow up and think about other people…and as far as bad mouthing Fort Smith goes.. if you are living here then move…If you don’t live here shut up. I have lived here most of my life..grew up here..moved away thinking I would find a better place…well I am back because this is home…If you don’t like it here go away…..

    • donaldcook

      I been here a long time to I moved and came back fortsmith not bab its the company that we get here I bet they was not from here original but I was born here

  • megan

    I was there and I will never understand why someone let alone some people can make sick jokes thinking there funny and smart. What they are really doing is showing there own stupidity. I saw the dead lifeless body laying on the cold concrete while the family and friends run crying begging for this not to be real while the cops try and stop them. The pain that they feel is and never will be a joke. Theres good and bad in every family and no matter how they are would you want that to be someone in your family?

    • John

      If the family loved him so much you’d think they would have taught him to not go threatening people with a weapon.

  • zebrahog

    The person was not a part of a gang yes he may have had some issues with his ex wife but know this they had kids together and to them they loved there daddy and guess what he’s not here anymore do u realize how hard that is gonna be for them. Yall are all so quick to come up with speculation without knowing the whole story

    • Sean

      I see your point. Since he had kids with the woman he’s allowed to shoot her if she leaves him for another man. Common sense 101, right?

  • Nemey Oohay

    So far from what I can see, Fadi “Frankie” Quandill waited in the parking lot outside the theater (don’t know if it was the old Mall Trio or the new theater), for his wife and two men who were with her. He (Quandill), opened fire on the three and one or both of the men with her returned fire. Quandill was killed and one of the men with his estranged wife was wounded. His name is Garrison Herrera. So far it seems that this is a legitimate case of self defense, although it is still pretty early. Central Mall has little signs on the entrances that says illegal weapons aren’t allowed. But that is pretty vague if you are carrying a firearm that you bought legally and have a concealed carry permit for, so don’t know if it would apply or not (my guess is that it wouldn’t, but I don’t go to Central Mall anymore).

  • Gwag

    Thank God for concealed weapon permits, the guy more than likely saved two innocent lives. If guns are outlawed, only outlaws will have guns.

    • Outcast

      It’s exceptionally clear that If it weren’t for the right of concealed weapons there would be 3 dead people tonight instead of one.

  • Cindy

    Society in general saddens me. From the person who shot someone today and took someone’s child away, the day before Mother’s Day. To the people that r joking about. U all break my heart and others. It’s so cold hearted and ignorant. I remember a day where u wouldn’t dare make comments like some of u have. And if u did at any age ur parents would probably slap u up the side of the head for such disrespect of another humane life. They would remind u to be thankful u was still alive and not the one laying on the ground under that sheet. I will continue to pray to see those days again!!

    • Sean

      Since this story and all reports indicate it was a self defense shooting…what exactly are you defending here?

      You feel an enraged ex has the right to shoot people or threaten to shoot people and not be shot himself?

      He got what he deserved plain and simple.

    • Aim

      So the two with legal conceal carry were just supposed to stand there and not defend themselves against an obvious threat because it’s the day before Mother’s day and he has a mother etc. That is ridiculous theology. If they hadn’t defended themselves there would be three people dead. He made the decision to do what he did, no one made him do it. He is responsible for his actions and he paid the price.

      • Go figure

        If none of them would’ve had guns this would’ve happened. Everybody was saying how bad Ft. Smith was and come to find out it was just a couple of white guys. Oh now it’s justified! Outside of the mall, in front of the movies, and in front of Chuckie Cheese. That’s exactly what we need is more guns in society. More open carry laws, more concealed weapons, more stand your ground laws, so things like this can happen.

      • Aim

        to Go figure: if he had the intent to harm her or the men she was with do you really think he needed a gun to do it. when will people realize a gun is a means to an end. it doesn’t fire itself, it doesn’t load itself and it certainly doesn’t transport itself. you can kill someone with a crossbow, a fork, a vehicle, a skillet, a hammer, a baseball bat and the list goes on. he made the decision to do what he did and he bears the responsibility of his actions. no one would say ban vehicles if he ran them down with one!

  • Sean

    Dumb: making a threat with a deadly weapon and end up getting dead because of it instead

    Dumber: defending a person who made a threat with a deadly weapon and ended up getting dead because of it instead

    Dumbest: saying because you knew the guy everyone should keep their comments to themselves.

  • Go figure

    More guns! More guns! We need more guns in society! Guns make any domestic disturbance more interesting.

  • britney

    i think thats one of my dads friends who died and listen all of you quit saying bad stuff about this look someone killed someone else so shut up about all the stupid jokes and you think your cool by making them well your not its being stupid and childish

  • Ignorant Fools

    Face it folks, this is the world you created. You want immigrants, you want guns, you want higher taxes, you want your job outsourced to other countries and you are willing to work harder for less. You want to reproduce and add as many carbon copies of yourself to the planet that you can. You have child molesters popping up everywhere…. your school teachers, your principles.. your church pastors. You believe in an invisible man in the sky. All of this and more has created this mess…

    • zztopperman

      This is the world that people that believe in an invisible man in the sky created??? He’s not a man, but He is invisible! Your atheistic sarcasm is noted and yet knowing what God says about people that don’t believe in Him, somehow your ignorant babble makes no difference to those of us with minds.

  • anonymous

    Its truly a terrible thing that had to happen. Those of you that werent there couldnt possibly understand what itsblike seeing a man with a gun intent on killing you. You preach for gun ban? Last i checked…criminals dont follow the law. All i say is know your facts before you try to justify something that you have absolutely no idea about. A womans life was saved. No telling how many others. That is all…. D.O.

  • Mark Smith

    Arkansas #48 in the country in education as most of the above posts clearly reflect. From telling people to shut up to inaccurate factsz to blaming guns and every other thing under the sun. Crack a book

  • Lucy

    “several reports filed with Fort Smith police”. Sounds like FSPD were aware of the situation between these two and did nothing to step in and stop it. Typical and truly no surprise.

  • Turbo

    Pine Bluff is second only to Detroit in violence , Little Rock also made the top ten list as well as Memphis . Do not act surprised when shooting occur around here !

  • soonerfan

    Don’t know if it was gang related. Sounds like ex husband was going to get her and who ever she was with but could have been worse. Some innocent family and kids could been killed. So sad that families have to worry about things like this when they go somewhere and try to have family time.

  • Outsider

    The title of this article should be changed:

    Men defend themselves against another man on a rampage against ex-wife

  • Newswatcher

    ‘Were able to disarm’ the two with CCLs while entirely true might not have been the best way to describe that part of the incident. (Speculating here) ‘After police identified themselves they handed over their weapons?’ Yes that many bullets fired there are a concern but…a guy does that to two policemen do you not envision a lot of bullets fired there also?

  • Rita C

    Bullets are flying in front of a movie theater on a Saturday when people and children are going in-and-out of this theater & “no charges filed?!” What madness is this? Also, how many guns are in these theaters? After Colorado I thought this wasn’t even allowed. If this is allowed. No more movie-going for me. A father of three is now dead. His mother is probably being/been told on Mother’s Day that she has no reason to celebrate & NO CHARGES FILED!? No bullets in cars then, no property damage? Fort Smith you are CORRUPT.

    • JT

      Rita C,
      There were no bullets in the cars because every single one hit the intended target. These two had better aim than most police officers. Would you rather have had Qandil’s young children being told that their mother was dead? You scream corruption, the law sees a simple case of self defense.

    • Outsider

      It was his EX wife. Either way, he had no business trying to kill any of the three and he got what he deserved for trying. It’s a win for self defense advocates.

  • Paula Jimenez.

    I agree with John EXCEPT the “husband” could have waited and followed them home. No public shootouts where innocent people could be hit.

  • Alfred

    Fadi was very nice man and father ! All men have a right to see their children ! The nut job is john ! Check the facts first !

    • HL

      alfred, All men have a right to defend themselves against a father who pulls a gun on them, too.

      • HL

        alfred, “The victim raised his shirt and showed a weapon within his waistband, began to pull the weapon……” I guess you ignored that part of the article.

  • ns

    i dont know why some one reported my comment aand i really dont care why, but i now i didnt do anything wrong but laugh at old yellar. this idiot went to the mall on a busy saturday and decided to be stupid. so i hope he gets everything he deserves. and screw off who ever reported my comment. be sure to report this one too!

  • Kuwnda

    I’d say the ex would have killed all three of them if none of them had a gun.

    Instead of one dead, we’d of had 3 dead.

  • oldyellar

    Ns I didn’t report u buddy. We need to report all the illegals. Life would be worth living in fort smith

  • Matt

    Rita C…it’s you and people like you who share your warped, leftist view on the world who are destroying this country. Everything has to be politically correct these days or else the libs go into an uproar. There’s no arguing with people like you. I, and many like me, have tried. You really can’t beat common sense into someone not willing to listen. I hope posters like John and others get your opinions in while you can. Before long, even places like this will start to censor posts until all you have left is a bunch of politically correct Rita C’s yelling over one another to be heard by their adoring liberal buddies.

  • G-man

    Some of the comments on here by those that think guns are the problem, really show their ignorance and their fairy-tale mentality! We don’t know all the facts about this case. We don’t even know if all three people with weapons were legally carrying concealed or not. But I will say this: thinking that a “gun free zone” makes anyone safer only proves you are delusional! Most shootings happen in gun free zones because shooters, 1.)Don’t give a rip about the law! After all, they have already decided to commit murder…does anyone seriously think a “gun free zone” sign is going to stop them! 2.) They feel safer in a place where they expect law abiding citizens to be unarmed! It’s like shooting ducks in a barrel,because all the victims can do is cower or run! A law abiding citizen that goes to all of the trouble to get finger-printed and go through the background check, generally will not be doing so just to go on a shooting spree! I suppose it could happen,but why would a person go to all that trouble,when he realizes he’s about to be going to prison or about to kill himself with his own gun? That would be almost as ridiculous as thinking a gun free zone actually makes anyone (except the shooter) safer! Most people that are licensed for concealed carry,pray that they will NEVER have to use their weapon! They never want to have to take another’s life, but they are not delusional either,and they are smart enough to realize when someone comes at you with deadly force,you cannot defend yourself or others with a sign! It’s a tough world out there,and statistics prove, gun free zones are where most of the violent crimes and shootings take place,and most always by persons that are not legally carrying their firearm! It’s true, when seconds count, the police are minutes away! Be prepared, and pray you never need your weapon! It’s always better to have it and not need it, than to need it and not have it!

    • Agreed

      G-man, you could not be more correct. As a holder I hope to never have to pull my weapon either.

  • jennie

    really ppl grow up just thnk god for the ppl u have and the time u have with them she went to the movies cuz the two was getting a divorce the guys was there to make sure nothing happened cuz the other two girls that was supposed to b there was running late he snapped does that make him a bad person? not really some ppl channel their stress or problems through a tunnel that can bring forth a dark side while the normal person you b “blacked out” so some ppl can’t help wat happens

    • Mark Smith

      Please go back to school. Your use of English is atrocious. Match subject and verb tense please. You sound like trailer trash otherwise.

  • atc8824

    Some of you need to look up the word estranged cause apparently you people who keep saying she was his wife do not know what estranged means.Estranged wife going to a movie with friends and her ex tries to gun her down and apparently has an illegal gun.

  • G-man

    Btw…too bad these replies are not shown in order ! Makes it very difficult to follow. And yes,when the guy went to confront his estranged wife and brandished a gun, he was bad,out of control,and the people that responded with deadly force were within their rights to defend themselves and the woman. Tragic that the guy confronted her and that someone died,but murders happen and self defense is a person’s right,even if the anti-gun crowd disagrees. If they don’t like it,move to New York or some other “gun-free” zone and stick your head in a hole in the ground and let us know how that works out for you!

  • Mike

    Good shoot. We need more especially in cases of domestic violence. Could care less his race as dirt bags come in all colors.

    This was NOT a nice person coming to discuss things whit his EX wife. This is dmestic abuser coming to ty and intimidate and possibly harm her. It would not surprise me to find out he followed and stalked her. The whole thing smells of a classic domestic abuse scenario.

    As for Rita C – your family member was a violent criminal who deservedwhat he got.

  • Howie Phelterbush

    to all those talking about shoot outs in crowded areas with children:

    Those of us who carry firearms for our personal protection, shall in the future, make sure we properly schedule the defense of our lives and those we are with with the people who would try to kill us or them, in less crowded areas.

    My god you people are stupid.

  • Steve

    There are so many things wrong in these comments I cannot begin to address them all. People need to be slow to speak and stop with the knee-jerk reactions.

    Based on police statements:

    1) Qandil came to the mall parking lot with a firearm. We do not know what his intent was. At this point, it doesn’t matter.
    2) Qandil confronted his ex-wife, showed the firearm, then pulled it. Concealed carry permit or not, the law was broken at this point.
    3) Herrera and O’Conner pulled their firearms and shot Qandil in self-defense.

    Qandil may have only gone there to scare his ex-wife. But he may have gone there to kill her. At the very least, what he did was stupid.

    It is always terrible when someone dies but if you use a firearm to commit a crime, you put yourself and everyone around you in danger. Stop trying to place blame on the victims. Imagine the story if these two men did not have a concealed carry permit. “Man Kills Three Including Ex-Wife in Mall Parking Lot”.

  • Right

    So this guy shows up with a gun to kill his ex-wife, and people don’t think anyone should have stopped him? I guess they think this woman’s life was worthless. You must be a bunch of antigun progressives waging the real War on Women. Well you lost this battle.

  • Reese Dumas

    Look, Im not sympathetic to a person who went to a public place with bad intentions. I don’t care if he was a “good person” as his family and friends or whomever want to say. And to those mentioned, since you claiming we don’t know the facts, and I know the separation was probably no secret to either family or the obvious fact he carried a gun. Maybe instead of telling us we know nothing, maybe someone should have been talking to this “wonderful person” to see what was on the man’s mind, probably would have even been a deterrent. Its a messed up situation no doubt, but he would be alive if somebody he knew stepped up and kept him cool in an what he thought was a desperate time.

  • Truth

    The guy who died was a confirmed member of the Apple Dumpling Gang. He was aimless most of his life before becoming an 87%er.

  • suspicious

    Has anyone thought that this was a set up trap by the estranged wife to use these other men to take care of a possible reason to rid of her husband. She may have coaxed the husband there knowing there would be a confrontation using it to her advantage knowing these two men had weapons also. The husband may not have pulled his weapon first. Hopefully there will be a fair investigation. The wife have be the instigator in this whole deal and using these other two men for her advantage.

  • Roger Rabitt

    Good shoot! The guy deserved being shot 87 times. He was the one brandishing a firearm and threatening to shoot somebody.

  • Russell Furman

    I call this a good shoot, her ex husband had intended to do her harm and her 2 friends stopped a threat to another persons life PERMENANTLY. Its rather simple rule in life don’t start anything and there wont be anything, of course all the whiny cry baby liberals commenting here should read up on Miller v. D.C whic the supreme court ruled on in 1981 and then follow up with reading Gonzalez v. Castle Rock…. The police have no responsibility to protect the INVIDIVIDUAL just the public at large and public infrastructure.

  • stranger

    first off the guy that got shot made a mistake by showing his gun first. He gave the other two guys time to think. when youre in heat of killing somebody you should just shoot and not show off. the other two guys had cwl so i guess they will get off easy huh? stupidity will get you killed. be smart if youre from the streets. rest in peace to fadi

  • disgusted citizen

    I didn’t know him personally but he seemed very sweet. She wasn’t very personable. I think it’s very suspicious where they parked to go to the movies, also they sure parked where not many video cameras are. Why was the estranged wife with 2 men? She should of been at home with her kids. I’m not saying that he was or wasn’t a good guy but this should be investigated more. Also how would you react If you found out that one of your children that you were raising wasn’t yours? How do you know this wasn’t a set up?
    Those poor children are going to grow up without a daddy and who knows what that horrible woman is going to tell them

  • snarky arkie

    1 less scumbag in Ft Smith. Just saved taxpayers the cost of a trial and feeding this scum for life for killing his EX.

  • zztopperman

    May 11, 2014 at 1:11 pm Rita C wrote:
    “Legally carrying concealed weapons in a gun-free zone is NOT legal. Innocent could have been hurt. What if this shoot out occured inside a theater?” This is exactly why we don’t need gun free zones! The idea that putting up a sign will stop a bad person from committing a crime is ludicrous ! It’s insane! If a sign would prevent crime then we could put signs up at the border keeping out illegals!!! We could put up signs in Washington D.C. that says no liars and the place would be a ghost town!!!! But signs will not stop people intent on committing a crime from doing so! When is the last time you heard of a mass shooting not taking place because the shooter got to the location and saw the sign saying “Gun -Free Zone” ? NEVER!!!!!! Never EVER!!!! What a gun free zone will do is it will stop “some people” from carrying their weapon,but those are only the people that try and follow the law to the letter! Even a ridiculous law that protects only the CRIMINAL by offering him some comfort that the place where he intends on killing people,he will be less likely to experience return fire! Of course that’s one reason why nearly all mass shootings happen in gun free zones!!! Cities that are gun free ALWAYS have higher violent crime rates by thugs carrying weapons because they realize most of their victims will be complying with the gun free zone!!!! As far as this shooting, it is unclear if the two guys that returned fire using deadly force had actually been in the theater with their guns or not…but it really is a moot point because the shooting happened outside the theater in the parking lot and would not have even happened if the guy that was killed hadn’t shown up flashing a gun! And most likely,the two guys along with the guy’s estranged wife would have been the ones killed had they not been armed! What were those two guys doing there and were they with the guy’s estranged wife? Who knows! That doesn’t really matter! Fact remains that guy that was killed went there armed when he clearly should have stayed home! Hotheads with tempers and guns are a bad combination just like drinking and driving. But gun free zones only limit good people from being able to defend themselves from people that plan to commit murder! Being ignorant enough to continue on thinking gun free zones are a good thing only makes people easier targets greatly increasing the risk of more unarmed people being murdered with no possible way to defend themselves! Tragic that someone died. But murder is against the law too, but that hasn’t stopped it from happening either! A gun-free zone sign / law is stupid in most cases. Where would I not want to carry? Anywhere there was enough armed security to insure my safety and those around me! The last thing I would want is to get shot by a cop that mistakes me for a bad guy! Most licensed concealed weapon holders have enough sense not to ever pull their weapon unless it’s life and death for defense. I have been in a situation where I was armed and walked away from a man that had an extendable baton,fully extended ready to club me with it, and he never knew I was armed! People with concealed weapons permits are usually smart enough to know when deadly force is required and when it’s not. And a person with a brain NEVER wants to have to use his weapon against another human being,unless it is truly for self-defense,or to defend others. I hope I have made my point. I’ve repeated it several times,but sometimes you need to do that for people that are weak-minded,and anyone that still thinks gun free zones are a good thing are clearly weak-minded!

  • Gary

    Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, please use some proper punctuation when writing. You sound ignorant, uneducated, and less than responsible, when you massacre the English language like that.n. Meloni & Rita C., you both are simply whacked!!

  • Bruce MacMahon

    meloni: “2nd if the man intended to kill his wife he would not walk up and show his gun.”

    On Planet Normalperson, that’s called making s*** up. Seriously, that’s as factual and reality-based a statement as “The San Diego Padres are going to win the next 14 World Series in a row”.

    Unless you are trying to tell us you know how what is going inside every different sociopathic killer’s mind.

  • Soap Box One

    If this were anything other than a clean, lawful, and wholly justified shooting, the mainstream press would be running 24-7, wall-to-wall coverage of this incident in an attempt to politicize it to push for more federal gun control laws.

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