Arkansas Attorney General Files For Stay From Supreme Court

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Arkansas Attorney General Dustin McDaniel has filed for a stay from the Arkansas Supreme Court on a judge’s ruling that ended the Arkansas same-sex marriage ban, according to court documents.

The stay seeks to temporarily suspend Pulaski County Circuit Judge Christopher Piazza’s ruling that struck down the state’s gay marriage ban until the Arkansas Supreme Court could issue a ruling of their own, court documents state.

This allows for more time for the case to be appealed to a higher court.


  • Connie Crowley

    Peoples voted and that should be upheld. One man should not be able to change that. Praying that this judge will be impeached for taking the a into his own hands. Praying that the supreme court upholds that marriage is between 1 man and 1 women.

  • Ben

    WOW!!! I am the first person that will say everyone’s opinion needs to be respected on this issue! With that said every human being in this world deserves happiness and to NOT be judged! If any of you that are so against this I hope you have read your bible enough to know that you are not suppose to judge other people and that you should be setting a example for other people! Remember we will all be judged by our maker and he is the only one that has that right and is sure when you say hurtful things and judge other people you will have to answer for that too!!!

    • jody0000

      “With that said every human being in this world deserves happiness and to NOT be judged!”

      Exactly, no one should judge anyone ever for anything. No one has any right to judge what someone else does is right or wrong. Like Hitler and Stalin, they should never be judged. Or this Judge for example, he should not have judged either.

  • ahollo77

    And if the people voted that straight people should be executed, that should be upheld as well, right? One man basically freed the slaves, maybe that should be reversed, since one man shouldn’t be able to fix mistakes, I mean change, what has been voted on..

  • Bob Cochenour

    the bible is clear that you wont get into heaven from a LOT of sins, not just homosexual. what about divorce that is an abomination too.. even in the new testament. What Ben is saying (and he probably doesn’t need me to speak for him, is that it is not human place to judge anyone, that is for God, and that is will they get to heaven or not. You have to believe in God or god too.

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