First Same-Sex Couple Legally Married in Washington County

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Diana Rister and Amy Grigg are the first same-sex couple to legally get married in Washington County.

Rister and Grigg tied the knot as the doors opened at 8 a.m. Monday morning (May 12) at the Washington County Clerk's Office.

"It's a lot I mean we have such a small window this morning because I know they're going to put a stop to it as soon as they can," Rister said.

Rister and Grigg told 5NEWS they arrived at the clerk's office around 2:30 a.m. to make sure they were the first ones in line. They've been together for 14 years.

Grigg listed what she felt, "just relief and happiness, speechless."

Several other couples arrived at the clerk's office in the hours following, all to make sure they could say 'I do' and get legally married as well.

Washington County was one of seven counties named in the Marriage Equality Lawsuit Wright v. The State of Arkansas. According to Justice of the Peace Candy Clark, that ruling means Washington County is now legally obligated to sign marriage licenses for same-sex couples.

Clark said the newly-weds will qualify for several benefits.

"Insurance, death benefits, inheritance, medical rights, all of the things that a lot of people take for granted but same sex couples don't have and never have had until today in this state," Clark said.

This, after a circuit judge in Pulaski County struck down a ban on same-sex marriage Friday (May 9) that had been in place since 2005.

To get a marriage certificate, each person must have their photo ID. They must also pay $60.

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  • Morgan

    I care. It means we are moving in the right direction. You know, that direction where the government stays out of religion and morality and focuses instead on protecting our right to live unfettered by someone else’s morals and belief so long as we do not act in ways that impose upon or threaten another person’s body or property. Hooray for equal rights! If I wasn’t already married I would have hauled my husband down there and gotten married with all those people who suddenly had the same rights and liberties as me.

  • hr8388

    Actually Marriage = One HUMAN BEING + Another HUMAN BEING who are IN LOVE and not causing YOU or anyone else ANY HARM! Everyone has to meet their maker one day and when that day comes I’m sure that he will “Judge” them for what they are doing. However, we are not to judge others, that is NOT our place here on earth, and just a heads up, it’s a sin to judge others based on what you think is right or not. the bible does say not to lay with the same gender, but it also says that it’s a sin to get divorced and that wives of the divorced should be stoned, and yet no one seems to care about people getting divorced. So you tell me, what’s more important: you getting your feelings hurt because you disagree with others happiness, or you living your life in full happiness while other’s suffer? I am a happily married straight woman but I support the LGBTQ community because everyone deserves happiness.

  • Bob

    Awesome, maybe some day the rest of those oppressed can enjoy the same. You bigots have no right to deny others their basic rights!

  • Sarah 1

    I support you Diana and Amy. Ignore rude comments.

    People in love should be legally married if they so choose.

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