Carroll County Stops Issuing Same-Sex Marriage Licenses

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Carroll County has stopped issuing marriage licenses, according to the county’s Justice of the Peace, Eva Madison

Several county clerks told 5NEWS that they will not be issuing same-sex marriage licenses Monday (May 12).

Among them are Benton, Crawford, Sebastian, Franklin, Madison, Scott and Johnson Counties.

County clerks told 5NEWS they were planning to wait for a ruling from a higher court before issuing same-sex marriage licenses in their counties.

Stay with 5NEWS for more on this story as it continues to develop.


    • Silent Bob

      Because that’s a judges job. To change unconstitutional law. No where in the marriage contract will you find any reference to gender. A marriage license is a civil contract, and it cant be discriminatory.

    • AzhureLace

      Really? You might want to do your research. Marriage has more than one definition and you have no right to attempt to limit it to only one narrow-minded definition. Love = Love = Love. Let go of the fear and the hate. It doesn’t look good on anyone.

      • jody0000

        I agree wholeheartedly with AzhureLace. No one should be able to tell anyone that loves each other they cannot get married. Arkansas has such draconian laws against pedophilia and bestiality. No one should be able to tell 2 people (or love of their choosing) that they are not allowed to love one another. Love=Love=Love whether that be a 30 year old man and a 14 year old girl. Or a Man and his dog. No one should have the right to say that anyone is ever wrong for any reason, unless of course you disagree with me then you are wrong!

        Wrote with my sarcasm face on.

      • Gman


        I can’t believe you just brought pedophilia into this. in your example, you throw out a 30 year old man and a 14 year old girl. Now number 1, that 14 year old girls brain aint developed. She don’t know what love is. Number 2, how did these fall in love in the first place? the 30 year old man was being a pedophile seducing a 14 year old girl. Pedophilia is wrong, and i’m a little bit suprised that you chose to promote pedophilia in reply to a story about same sex marriage. pretty strange

  • Alice Miller

    The county clerk in your county is the one who determines to issue license or not so be careful who you vote for.

  • Alex

    Be careful? I think what you meant was be open-minded. Passing this law will not harm anyone. Its HUMAN rights…not LGBT rights. If I am not allowed to get married to the person I have been with for four years, then you (in reference to the general public) shouldn’t be allowed to get a divorce. Like Silent Bob says, it has nothing to do with gender and everything to do with a civil contract.

    • Marcus Alvarez

      Exacty, Alex. The religious arguments may be valid according to that religion, but they have no place in this debate over human, equal, and civil rights. Governments issue marriage licenses, not churches.

      • jody0000

        Marriage is a religious engagement. Always has been. I am calling on all my Christian brothers and sisters to NOT get marriage licenses from the state. It is not the state that has a right to bind man and woman together, it is God. Gays will NEVER have a right to marry, no matter what the state says, because marriage belongs to a man and a woman. No matter what they call it, it will not be a marriage.

    • brndn220

      How can you say that it’s perfectly safe when it spreads disgusting diseases around and there are facts that back it up. Do some research on the subject and you will see. What a slap in the face to society.

  • jamie

    Be careful what you wish for you might just get it “Sodom and gamorah ended in total destruction because of their disobediance”. If vgod did not have specific laws for us to obay there would be no organization –

    • objectivefodder

      Why are you afraid of destruction Jamie? It’s not your fault. Why do you care? You’ll get your reward, so why would you worry? Are you afraid to die? Those who do not walk the way you do or worship the way you do aren’t worried. Why do you? Pray for the lost, and take care of yourself. Your soul is your responsible, no one elses. Some religious indoctrination produces fear, but please-don’t project your fear and retribution on everyone else who doesn’t subscribe to your interpretation of the Holy Book-you’ll never win souls with intimidation, coercion and fear tactics. They’re not being moved into submission. People are well educated and know good and well what they’re doing. Consider yourself chosen. The others aren’t, and don’t want to be. Society has reached a new level. If the creator wants to engage in hostility and rage, then so be it. It still won’t change things. Don’t worry about others, only yourself.

  • David Laudon

    Is your spelling always this atrocious, or do you simply lack a proper education? In case the word is too hard for you, atrocious means “of a very poor quality; extremely bad or unpleasant.”

  • Mark Williams

    What do the Christian fundamentalists not understand about religion and it’s place in our society?? Religion is purely optional and not the law.. Mind your own business and keep your infantile ill informed opinions to your self

  • kari whitlow

    If u dont like the law in the state ur in,then there is a real simple fix…

  • arkieboy

    I am so very shocked about how much hate is being spewed over this debate. There is no love or compassion for our fellow Americans…There seems to be only hate. If someone gets married to the person that they love, WHO CARES?!?!? It in no way affects your marriage, your divorce, or your marriage to your 4th wife/husband. I don’t see why there is even a debate on this, as it’s a non-issue. Let people be happy and get married. I personally don’t care who gets married, I have known of people who are on their 8th or 9th marriage. So if it is so sacred, why are the divorce rates so high? Nobody cares about your misguided insecurities. And please quit quoting the Bible. There is no sin greater than another. Everyone on God’s green earth sins, everyone does. Which is why Jesus died upon the cross, he died for our sins. Allowing gays and lesbians to marry is eventually going to happen. One way or another, it will happen. It’s really no different than many years ago when people full of hate didn’t want a black person to marry a white person. Did it affect your marriage because a black person and a white person got married? No, and today you see blacks and whites married, and people of every race. I know that my comments on here will in no way change a mind full of hate, but I sure hope that Jesus will change your heart.

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