Local College OKs Using Racial Slur On Exam

NWACC test.jpg

NorthWest Arkansas Community College has approved the use of the term “beaners” on an exam recently given at the school, an official said.

The term was used in a public-speaking final exam, according to an anonymous email sent to 5NEWS.

Steven Hinds, executive director of public relations and marketing, said the college reviewed the final exam material after being asked about it by 5NEWS.

“The question was entirely appropriate in that it was being used in an educational context and demonstrates an example of hate speech,” Hinds wrote, responding by email.

The exam question states, “In her speech against immigration, Helga used the term ‘beaners’ to refer to Mexican migrant workers. Which of the following guidelines for ethical speech did Helga violate?”

Five possible answers are then given, with the correct one being “avoid hate speech.”

The person who wrote the email to 5NEWS objected to the term being used in an exam.

“I’m pretty sure if another racial slur were used instead of the word ‘beaners’ this would not be OK,” the email states. “Come on NWACC!”


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