Authorities Investigate Gun Threat Made at Spiro Schools


Spiro Police say they’re investigating a gun threat made at Spiro Schools. Additional officers are on campus Thursday (May 15).

Police say they’re checking students’ backpacks as they head into Spiro High School and Spiro Middle School. However, neither of the schools are on any sort of lock down at this point.

Spiro Police said a threat was made Wednesday night (May 14), claiming that a gun would be brought to one of the schools Thursday morning. Authorities say at this point, they are still investigating who made the threat.

Administrators at Spiro Schools did not confirm that a threat had been made, and said that extra officers are on campus only as a precautionary measure due to it being the end of the school year.

Stay with 5NEWS for more on this story as it develops.


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  • soonerfan

    Police say one thing School administration says something else. Who’s Lying? Why was police checking back packs? Do they do that every year and the end of school?

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