Woman Shot By Home Invader In Crawford County

The Crawford County Sheriff’s Office is investigating a residential shooting that sent a woman to the hospital, authorities say.

The victim was Alisha Layne according to a Crawford County Sheriff’s Office incident report.

The shooting took place north of Highway 64 between Alma and Van Buren, according to authorities.

At approximately 11 a.m., an intruder came into the home and found a woman and child. The intruder shot the woman. She was later taken to the hospital, authorities said.

“I spoke with the 911 operator and he said she walked into the house, she was calm cool and collected,” said Crawford County Sheriff Ron Brown. “When she walked in the house and saw the vandalism she started to cry and then he heard a thump. He thought maybe she dropped the phone and then she just started screaming.”

The child wasn’t harmed.

“There is a letter in the house that’s addressed to her fiancé,” Brown said. “The vandalism on the door is addressed to threats to her fiancé.”


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