5NEWS This Morning Cookout: Patrick’s Butcher Boy Burgers

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May is National Hamburger Month, and no one knows hamburgers better than Patrick's Butcher Boy Burgers.

Micah Bubbus, the owner, told 5NEWS the secret to a good burger is using fresh ingredients.

He said they guarantee the quality of their food, because they grind their own meat and chop their own vegetables.

Don't be deceived by their food truck which serves food daily in the Lowe's parking lot on Rogers Ave. in Fort Smith.

Just like any other restaurant, the food truck is subject to inspections by the health department and must maintain a clean working environment.

Patrick's menu items include burgers, fries, BLT's and milkshakes.

Fore more information, check out their Facebook page.


  • Richard S. Drake

    Once again, KFSM isn’t quite sure what actually qualifies as “news.”
    Quick hint – this ain’t it.

    • Joshua X

      Hey Richard,

      You’re the one that clicked the link to read the article. The title of the article was VERY clear in stating what the story is about. It was also not put in the “real” news section at the top of the screen, but rather at the bottom where the less important articles go.

      So how about getting that stick out of you butt that’s causing you to be such a judgmental jerk, and chill the heck out. It’s a story about burgers for crying out loud. Maybe someone in the Fort Smith area has never been to this place and wants to know more about it. I’d say it is “news” to them, huh?

  • fibromyalgia

    I recently discovered the whole food truck/van/camper/bus style of “restaurant. I must say that so far I am extremely impressed with all of them. They had better quality food, better prices, and the person behind that little window is usually the owner, not some 16 year old kid texting as you are ordering, so the pride of ownership shows.

    Pull over and give those ” Mobile” restaurants a chance.

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