Police: Drive-By-Shooting Suspect Arrested In Tulsa After Stabbing Man, Fleeing

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A Fort Smith drive-by-shooting suspect was arrested in Tulsa after fleeing into a school, stabbing a Tulsa man and leading authorities on a lengthy car chase, according to a news release from Sgt. Daniel Grubbs of the Fort Smith Police Department.

The suspect was identified as Eric Whitaker, according to the release.

Whitaker was wanted by authorities after firing four shots at another person in a car at the Knights Inn located at 3810 Towson Ave. in Fort Smith, the release states.

That incident occurred on April 30 at approximately 3 p.m.

Fort Smith Police received a tip that Whitaker was in Tulsa, and they contacted the Tulsa Police Department to assist in located Whitaker. He was located near a car wash on Thursday (May 15), and he fled on foot into a local school, causing a lockdown, according to the release.

He avoided police and fled into a nearby neighborhood where he stabbed a Tulsa man during a carjacking. Whitaker was finally arrested after a long car chase, the release states.

Grubbs confirmed that Whitaker faces multiple felony charges in Tulsa, as well as, a charge of unlawful discharge of a firearm from a vehicle for theĀ Fort Smith shooting.

Grubbs also confirmed that he has not been brought back to Sebastian County at this time.


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