Muldrow Man Arrested In Kidnapping Attempt

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matthew cruise

Muldrow Police made an arrested in the attempted kidnapping of a teenage girl.

Matthew Ryan Cruise, 23, of Muldrow was arrested Friday (May 16) for the attempted kidnapping of a 14-year-old girl in the parking lot of the Quickaway Store in Muldrow, according to police.

The kidnapping attempt happened on Sunday, May 4th. The girl’s mother reported the incident to police. Police said a teen boy and two teen girls were walking from Muldrow City Park when Cruise approached the group, struck up a conversation and then tried to pull the girl into a pickup truck, but she broke free.

A picture of the pickup truck from the park led officers to Cruise, according to police. He was arrested and booked into the Sequoyah County Jail.



  • matt

    Mike I would love to be sent back to a certain part of Europe where the taxpayers support my shortcomings, and give me free food,formula, and let me walk around their borders with no I.D. sorry got it confused with the USA.

  • soonerfan

    Don’t care what color he is make him pay for what he done. What if he had kidnapped the girl no telling what he would have done to her.

    • Angel

      More to that story? She is 14..was at the park with friends
      A beautiful young girl. Good girl. Never met, seen, or talked to
      That boy a day in her life. He was jacked up on drugs…thats the story

  • Angel

    That 14 yo girl was my grand daughter. We taught her to fight back.
    The problem is not the border…not between OK and Ark anyway.
    The problem is drugs. The young man was messed up on Meth and
    Cant remember doing ……drugs have now destroyed tjis young man

  • Brit

    Thank goodness she was taught to fight back! Drugs or no, there is no excuse for endangering or trying to take a child! I hope he gets the toughest sentence they can throw at him. Disgusting!!

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