Franklin County Sheriff’s Office Arrests Suspected Rapist

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The Franklin County Sheriff’s Office arrested a suspected rapist in a sting operation, according to a news release Monday (May 19).

The suspect was identified as Adam Webb, 18, of Grimes, Iowa.

On April 15, Webb drove from Iowa and engaged in sexual activity with a 12-year-old girl from Franklin County, according to the release.

The Franklin County Sheriff’s Office was notified of the incident and discovered that she met Webb through an online chat room, the release states.

Authorities communicated with Webb through text messages and learned he planned on coming back to the victim’s home.

Communications continued with Webb until he arrived at the residence where he was arrested on suspicion of rape and distributing, possessing or viewing of matter depicting explicit content involving a child, according to the release.

The vehicle Webb drove was seized, and a search warrant was obtained for it. Authorities found electronic devices inside that will be analyzed for child pornography, the release states.

Webb was brought before Judge Gordon Mack McCain on Monday, and bond was set at $250,000. 


  • barbed_wire83

    It could be that the parents of the child didn’t know anything of it until after it happened. The sting itself was probably set up to get him to come back.

  • Diane

    Authorities probably were hoping to get him on as many counts as possible, plus if they had had him arrested then they would have had to extradite him back to AR. Extra expenses and a pain to deal with.

  • lizzy

    I by no means condone such behavior and agree that such acts with a child are nothing less than disturbing especially from grown adults well into adulthood who knowbetter.

    A question I would be asking is what sort of chat room did they meet on. And what role does she play in this matter. Where are her parents when online and setting up meetings with boys from out of state.

    Adam is 18yr old. A child himself. And i have seen 12yr old girls who look and act 16 yrs old. Girls mature faster. Instead of jumping the gun assuming the kid is guilty let’s evaluate the sitaution as a whole.

  • someone

    18 is an ADULT in the eyes of the law, you’re seeing him in a different light. He’ll be new fish at the prison.

  • lawman

    Most chat or social media sites require an age restriction of older than 12 to be a chat member. What was she doing unsupervised on the internet?

    It’s highly likely this girl lied about her age. After the two met and thought they were in love, her parents probably found out and are now pointing blame at someone other than their own kid or even themselves.

    I bet this boy was deceived. You shouldn’t judge someone until you know all the facts. There is always more to the story than what is released.

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