Million Dollar Road Plan Coming To Fort Smith

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Rogers Avenue in Fort Smith will soon turn into two lanes for a $1 million construction project, according to Chad Adams with the Arkansas Highway Department.

"This is the busiest road in Fort Smith," driver Chris Jaber said.

Adams said it’s a 3.4 mile project going from Interstate 540 West to downtown Fort Smith.

"They're going to mill the surface,” Adams said. “Kind of repair any base failures, anything like that to stabilize anything we recognize being unstable. Then they will overlay the entire length of the project and re-stripe it."

"The contract came in at a little bit over one-and-a-quarter million dollars," Adams said.

The construction will start Tuesday (May 27th).

But some drivers are not too excited for the construction.

"I can't see how the city is going to function," Jaber said.

Work on the project will occur from 7 p.m. to 6 a.m.

"Each district in the state is provided $5 million [for] overlays. We spread that out [to] seven or eight districts," Adams said.

Adams said the project is expected to take six weeks.


  • Yellow Card

    Thats not enough,that is only taking care of the worse part.
    Rogers avenue needs a resurface form the Arkansas river bridge all the way to Barling, its in bad shape.

  • FlauntThis

    Not sure why widening isn’t a priority. As FS continues to, for whatever reason, base it’s existence around a single major state-run road….why not do what is needed more than anything and widen the road?

  • RegulationNation

    Fort Smith has become a burden and liability to the state. No money is going to be spent unless it’s 100% absolutely necessary in order to protect the safety of people. 540 through Fort Smith should have been widened, including the AR river bridge but it didn’t. Rogers Ave. needs to be widened but it won’t be. The work which was done (540) and will be done (Rogers Ave.) is because the surface just cannot and could not take any more abuse and bandaid fixes.

    NWA and LR get the funds because they produce income for the state. They have done a great job promoting active and diversified growth and have not tried to limit themselves only to the 1870’s way of life.

  • westsouth

    In order to have room for expansion of Rogers Avenue to seven lanes (like 412 in Siloam Springs), the state would have spend big sums to buy out several businesses already squeezed for space, especially west of 540 in the older part of town. Even the east side would be difficult. Ever notice the narrowness of the lanes? They just took a four lane road and sqeezed in a turn lane a few decades ago. It’s virtually impossible to expand the road, which is why so much was spent in extending Phoenix Avenue and Dallas Street as alternate routes on the east side. The older part of town is out of luck, as usual.

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