Mike Ross Wins Democratic Nomination In Arkansas Governor’s Race

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Mike Ross, D-Ark, defeated Lynette Bryant in order to win the Democratic nomination for Arkansas governor, according to affiliate station KTHV.

He will face Asa Hutchinson in the November general election. He’ll also face Libertarian nominee Frank Gilbert and Green Party nominee Joshua Drake, KTHV reported.

To read the full story on our affiliate station’s website KTHV – Channel 11, click here.


    • Sarah 1

      I pray that the Lord touches your heart and softens you to help others and be respectful in your choice of words. Sometimes young children read these comments. Have a wonderful day. 4328

  • Panamai

    If you did your research, Elaphas, you would see that Mike Ross is a Democrat in name only. His views much more accurately represent those of the Republican party. We basically have two Republicans running for governor in November. :/

    • Trish B.

      I will take Mike Ross over Hutchinson any day. So far I know nothing negative about Ross but Hutchinson has a long list of negative assets.


      Impeachment of a sitting President from Arkansas knowing full well a Democratically controlled Senate would not remove him from office. It was a drama to promote him and his conservative dislike for Clinton.

      Self centered and refuses to listen. His mind is made up before a conversation begins.

      After supporting VOTER ID on our poorest of citizens, he forgets his drivers license and has an aid run and fetch. Who else would have that capability? Most people get off work, run to the polls and there is no time to ‘forget’ anything since they have children, dinner, laundry and mowing the lawn.

      Asa Hutchinson is AGAINST helping our poorest citizens with their medical needs because it is President Obama’s law. It doesn’t matter to him that our poor desperately need medical help. In his primary ads paid for by out of state PAC groups, Asa firmly stated he would stop Obamacare when he was elected.

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