Arrest Made After Bomb Threat At Cedarville School District

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An arrest has been made after the Cedarville Police Department responded to a bomb threat found on a bathroom wall at the Cedarville High School at 11:30 a.m. Wednesday (May 21), officials say.

The suspect arrested was a 15-year-old girl who was arrested previously in 2013 on suspicion of similar charges. She was found not guilty of those charges, according to Cedarville Police Chief Blayne Irvin.

She was arrested off campus at 2:50 p.m., and she faces a charge of communicating a false alarm (felony).

Irvin said police became suspicious of her after she reported the note, and her handwriting matched that of the note found on the bathroom wall. The school also had video of her in the area at the time the note was reported.

She will be transferred to a detention facility in Danville, to await her court date, according to Irvin.

Students were evacuated as a result of the bomb threat. Middle school students went to the softball field, high school students went to the baseball field and elementary students went inside the safe room, according to the release.

All parents were notified by phone of the situation.

Authorities searched the schools and found nothing, officials say.

After the search, all students returned to class, according to authorities.


  • Sigh 5News

    Well, Thank goodness the locations that the students were evacuated to. If they had, anyone planning a real attack would no right where to place the threat next time!

  • d

    They need to enact a law to keep news stations from publicizing these threats and stick to actual news. The school should notify parents and that be that. The more school kids see these types of stories, the more kids get the idea “wow, that sounds like an easy day out of school. Also start adding the days to the end of the school year or the nearest Saturday for makeup. This is getting ridiculous. Do other states have this same problem? It seriously needs to be addressed, this cannot be good for our children, educationally or emotionally.

  • Happy, happy, happy

    When they find out who did it, hold student and parent accountable. As a property tax payer in this district, I want the kids rears in the classroom. This is getting to be a ridiculous every day event.

  • bobreal

    Once caught both the Student and the Guardian needs to be Charged. The Student for Making the Call and the Guardian for NOT TEACHING THEIR CHILD MAKING CALLS LIKE THIS IS ILLEGAL… Maybe make the Student stay in lockup till they turn 18 and the Guardian for at least 30days.

  • Cathy

    I am a parent of a child at Cedarville and I know the school told the news that the. Parents were notified but me nor my sister that also has a son that is a student there was NOT NOTIFIED!!!

  • Mark Smith

    Cathy, Please, Please go back to school. Your use of English is atrocious. Did you graduate or did you just start poping children out? No wonder Arkansas is # 48 in the country for Education. Crack a book. And we wonder why kids are doing these things? Look at how irresponsible the parents are! They should go to jail and forced to get a GED, stop smoking and learn a trade. My God Cathy, you should be mortified to expose your level of ignorance and poor education. The typical Trailer Trash response is to tell me to shut my mouth or to leave the area if I don’t like it. Pleaes, please I just provided you with a way NOT to repond.

    • amanda

      Cathy is just worried about the fact that she was not notified. I am a student of cedarville and friedn of the girl arrested.

  • 4mnr

    Mark Smith check your spelling before you make yourself look ignorant. Please is spelled P-L-E-A-S-E not pleaes.

  • unknown

    hi i am the girl that got in trouble for it i am not the one who done it ik the person who done it i am taking it to the cops i was saw in the area becuz i turned it in its bs im being blamed my handwriting was not matched at all so the cop lied

  • unknown

    and the note was not found in the bath room it was a drawling my friend edna did for our names so hmmmmmm i wonder who did it

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