Police: Fayetteville Woman Claims Stalker Tracks Her With Smartphone

Terrance Jackson

A Fayetteville woman who has been stalked by a former boyfriend multiple times claims that he tracks her with his smartphone, according to court documents.

Police were called to a flea market at 3080 Wedington Dr. in Fayetteville in reference to an incident involving the woman and her stalker identified as Terrence Jackson, 30, of Fayetteville, according to court documents.

The call initially reported that an “intoxicated” female had caused a disturbance at a business, but while officers were on their way, they were informed the “intoxicated” female was actually seeking safety inside the flea market.

Jackson is under a “no contact” order from Benton County signed by a judge.

Still, he met the victim at the flea market to exchange some of the victim’s old documents for a pair of his old glasses. The two were together for four years and had been separated for a year, according to court documents.

The victim said she didn’t originally call Jackson to arrange the meeting, but she received a blocked call and thought it was him, so, she called him and arranged the meeting to get her documents back.

She had a friend with her make the exchange, and when Jackson got his glasses, he said they were the wrong glasses and threw them to the ground.

He then gave the victim “that look” which she identified as him getting angry. She told police that he’d gotten that look several times in the past right before he’d gotten violent with her, court documents state.

Jackson does have previous charges of battery and assault with the victim, according to court documents.

The victim fled into the flea market to seek safety and locked herself into the manager’s office, confusing it with the bathroom. She refused to come out until she was told that Jackson had left, court documents state.

Officers arrived at the flea market and talked to witnesses that all stated they were fearful of Jackson’s actions saying he looked threatening, according to court documents.

The victim provided officers with a copy of the “no contact” order.

Court documents state that authorities have been called for multiple situations involving the two over the last few months.

No one is able to explain why Jackson keeps showing up where the victim is through several nights, and she said that he has a tracking device on his smartphone that he uses to find her, according to court documents.

Jackson’s phone was seized by officers, and he was arrested and booked into the Washington County Detention Center. He faces charges of assault – third degree, stalking – second degree and violation of a no contact order.


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