Family Wants Death Penalty In Tontitown Knife-Slaying

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LeAnn Frazier's family appears at Brock Atkins' first court hearing, saying they want the death penalty

The family of LeAnn Frazier, killed this week in a knife-slaying in Tontitown, told 5NEWS they want the death penalty applied in the case.

“I’d like to see him prosecuted to the full extent of the law, and I’d like to see him have the death penalty,” Frazier’s father, Marvin Stout, told 5NEWS, speaking of the murder suspect.

Stout and other members of Frazier’s family attended the initial court hearing on Friday (May 23) at the Washington County Detention Center for Brock Atkins, who faces a capital murder charge in the killing. (The family is seen above in a 5NEWS photo at the detention center on Friday. Stout is at center, wearing eyeglasses.)

Atkins is being held without bond and is set to be arraigned on June 23. (He is seen below  in a 5NEWS photo at the detention center on Friday before Magistrate Judge Ray Reynolds.)

Atkins is accused of stabbing Frazier in the throat on May 21 until she was dead during an altercation that centered on drugs, according to court documents.

The documents state another man coaxed the murder suspect on and threatened to kill him if he did not kill the woman.

Atkins was arrested and booked into the Washington County Detention Center on Wednesday night on suspicion of capital murder.

A preliminary report on Atkins’ arrest states the victim, Frazier, woke Atkins up at 4 a.m. at his home on Story Lane near Tontitown. Atkins told police Frazier and two males he knew had come to his home, and Frazier accused Atkins of stealing methamphetamine from her, the report states.

Atkins said he told Frazier and the two men he had no idea what she was talking about.

“He then stated one of the males which he believed to be Wes (last name unidentified) produced a semi-automatic pistol and pointed it at his head and told him if he didn’t have the drugs, then Leann was lying and he better kill her or Wes would kill him and his family,” the preliminary report states.

The report does not mention Wes’ last name, but the victim’s family told 5NEWS they believe a man named Wesley Randall was involved in the incident. A man named Wesley Randall was booked into the Washington County Detention Center on Wednesday night on suspicion of violating parole, according to the Washington County Sheriff’s Office.

The report states Wes then handed Atkins a Gerber brand knife, and Atkins tried to cut Frazier’s throat. Atkins missed, though, and instead cut Frazier across the face. Wes told Atkins to shut Frazier up, and one of them picked up a large piece of wood and threw it at her. It missed and hit the woman in the chest, according to the preliminary report.

Authorities said Wes continued to encourage Atkins to kill Frazier. The preliminary report states, “Leann attempted to run from the residence, so (Atkins) ran her down, tackled her and stabbed her in the throat area until she stopped making any noises. He then dragged her body to a ravine located behind his residence.”

After disposing of Frazier’s body, Atkins cleaned off the knife and took a shower “in order to wash the blood off his body and hair,” the preliminary report states.

Washington County detectives responded to the home on Story Lane on the morning May 21 to investigate the deadly stabbing. When authorities arrived, they found Frazier dead. Deputies shortly afterward placed Atkins into custody, according to the Washington County Sheriff’s Office.

Frazier’s body was sent to the Arkansas State Crime lab to determine the official cause of death, according to the Sheriff’s Office.

Frazier’s family told 5NEWS she was killed because she was a confidential informant for local law enforcement.

Court records show Atkins was awaiting trial in a drug case in Washington County. He was arrested March 26 on suspicion of possession of drug paraphernalia for meth or cocaine and had a trial date set for June 27, according to court documents.

He was released from jail on bond April 4. He also faced charges at the time of criminal mischief and domestic battery.

The Sheriff’s Office lists Atkins’ address as 579 Story Lane near Tontitown.


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  • Rick

    How was she an informant when she was just arrested a few days prior to the murder in Benton County on a posession of controlled substance charge. This is a horrible thing to happen yes, but the family is trying to save face. bottom line is…. STAY AWAY FROM DRUGS, this could have been prevented!!

    • b

      The family is not trying to save face they even said she was not innocent just did not deserve this. Yes she made mistakes show me someone who has not.

    • aaron burns

      You’re right that this could of been prevented! Legalize the drugs. We will always have the problem of addiction to deal with. Why add to that the problem of the underground trade and all the violence that crops up with it?

  • reasonableandlogical

    Since drugs were involved with both the suspect and criminal, and there’s already questionable criminal related mischief with the victim, I’d be surprised if the prosecution will get away with proposing the death penalty. She wasn’t entirely innocent in this scenario. Let this be a lesson to all who dabble with the dregs of society and drug usage. You’re day is marked with eventual death if you associate and mingle with drug dealers and trashy people with no morals or consciences.

    • HL

      So, you’d excuse a killer, if the victim used drugs? If he’ll kill this person, he’ll kill another one.

  • reasonableandlogical

    Oh yeah, sad situation here, but you know there is a natural order. The lessor intelligent and those lacking of common sense and morality are being intentionally and purposefully weeded out of the gene pool. Next time you engage with buying and manufacturing meth, think about your lineage and your destiny. Ask yourself, what am I worth and what purpose do I have with life’s existence.

  • G.W.


  • soonerfan

    Don’t know if she done drugs or not. That has nothing to do with it. He killed someone so don’t waste time and money on him. Death Penalty is what he deserves

  • reasonableandlogical

    I’d like to invite all of you death penalty hangman’s assistants to look into the eyes of the lad who you want to kill, the boy who was likely under the influence of drugs at the time of this horrible incident. Oh yeah, and at the same time, while you’re anxiety ridden watching him die; why not look into the eyes of his parents and relatives. Upon doing so, I want you to confess your faith in your religious God. C’mon, I know you want the taste of death. Let’s see if you feel the pain and anguish. The death penalty doesn’t prevent future crimes, never has-but the religious folks sure like to play God and it feels good to taste the blood of death, doesn’t it?

    • HL

      This “boy” is nothing but a killer. And his death WILL prevent him from committing future crimes.

  • HL

    I never met Miss Frazier. But I want the death penalty, too. I’d like to see that piece of cr@p, atkins, hanging from a light pole.

  • wish in one hand and sh!t in the other

    Well i want to win the lottery too but it probably isnt going to happen… He isnt guilty of capital murder. Maybe 2nd degree murder. With mitigating circumstances. I think he should get 20 years under class b 2nd degree murder. If he gets a lawyer that isn’t a NWA flunkee he stands a really good chance. I’m surprised that he was even charged with capital murder.

  • the truth hurts

    When its kill or get killed I guess.thats what happens maybe thats a lesson that some of these hard core wanna be females should look at all tough no not now cause you arent now you are in a box either way

  • Morgan

    Why is it so easy for people to be so ugly when in an anonymous online forum? I am sure not a single one of these posters would spew such vile if they were in front of the family in person. It does not take a brave, or altogether smart, person to sit behind a monitor and spew hatred. I wonder who would sit down with the family and say the same things? I wonder how many would not mourn the loss of a loved one’s life, no matter the loved one’s life choices? The apalling lack of empathy exhibited here in these comments is symptomatic of what is wrong with society. Someone lost their daughter, sister and mother. No matter the circumstances of the death nor the victim’s life that is devastating for those people.


    It’s so funny how people get outraged by a comment and want to spout off their observation of how someone else thinks they are tough behind a computer, or someone else is a “big talker behind a computer”.. You’re doing the same thing, trying to act tough anonymously. Alot of these comments on here are from disgruntled rednecks that are sad because their meth supply dried up and turned to dust. (literally) This person took two armed and dangerous drug dealers to someones house at 4 am and when the outcome became unfavorable every meth head in northwest arkansas wants to cry foul. Who cares. No great loss. I would almost bet that every person on here commenting about giving that kid the death penalty are the alleged “victims” family members thinking they are going to persuade someone in a public office to take up their cause. As far as people thinking they are tough behind a computer, when everybody else starts revealing their true identities then you’ll have a right to point your finger at someone else whom you think is acting tough anonymously. Me, i dont have to act tough. Meet me in front of worlds’s gym 5 days a week. Or invite everyone on here commenting to a central location at a designated time. If you dont like hearing the public’s opinion then maybe you should move to a place that doesnt allow people to express their opinions. But those places aren’t very “meth friendly” so you wouldn’t last very long. Until then we will all be living our lives without having to worry about accidentally getting stuck by dirty needles from people like this. If you dont like what i have to say i told you what you could do.

    • Morgan

      Of course you don’t use your real name but rather a screen name. Of course you equate working out at the gym as being tough. Of course you assume anyone who finds the lack of empathy and manners as deplorable must be either a meth head or family member.

      Feel free to pick a time and place to have a conversation. I will be the tall redheaded woman. Bring along your mom and grandma along as well. I am guessing they would be enormously proud of what a decent human being you are and how kind you are in the face of others’ troubles.

      For the record, not a druggie nor do I know any of the parties involved. What I think is funny is how you alluded to physical violence as being tough. Not at all surprising based on your comment but still funny.

      See you soon. :)

    • the truth hurts

      This is from Le Anns facebook I guess she should have took that gun with maybe sh might be breathing LOOK AT THIS

  • Sara

    Oh. So y’all don’t know any of the parties involved. So it gives you a right to talk down to her? Y’all are a bunch of hypocrites. Yeah it was drug related. Yeah she could have handled it differently . But he had no right to decide when a persons life should be taken. Only god has that right. So before y’all sit her an bash her, remember that, that could have been your mom, sister, or cousin. Being friends with the girl who’s mother just got brutally murdered, and her having to bury her mother at only 16, and y’all have the alldasity to say stuff like “She deserved it..” And “Her kids are gonna be meth heads.” Like really? He deserves everything he gets. But just remember , it could have been your mom. And you’re not the one having to live every day with the thought of burying your mother at the age of 16. Most of your mothers are probably still living. Which means y’all really need to shut your mouths and be grateful it wasn’t you .

    • the truth hurts


      • the truth hurts

        Why should you tell someone to shut their mouth this public for anyone to voice there opinions so if you dont like what you read dont read it we have a right to have are opinions

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